April 6, 2021

Company Spotlight

Maison 276 Seeking Interns

Maison 276

Maison 276 strives to speak to all Gen X and Baby Boomer women while also addressing beauty industry pain points for these individuals by offering 1) authentic, diverse, age-positive messaging and images 2) healthy, sustainable, non-toxic products 3) unique textures & scents and 4) high quality products with accessible price points.

Maison 276 is seeking a virtual intern who will assist the Executive Team in managing social media campaigns, crafting social marketing content, tracking campaign performance metrics, and developing strategies to accelerate direct-to-consumer sales growth.

Email resumes to Keith before April 30th.

Tips & Tricks for Your Virtual Internships

Before the pandemic, virtual internships weren’t necessarily coveted, but they’ve become highly competitive positions that many students now seek. Whether you’re looking for a virtual internship or if you’ve already landed one, you owe it to yourself to maximize this opportunity. So, we are providing you all with some tips & tricks to help you get the most value from your virtual internships. We’d like to give a special thank you to Ashley Turner from Belk & Brian Jeffcoat from Lowe’s for their insight on this topic!