Exploring the Metaverse

Last year, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, signaling its shift from traditional social media to a big bet on the so-called metaverse. This network of 3D, online spaces is accessed through virtual reality headsets like Meta’s Oculus and promises to revolutionize internet communications. But is there substance behind the hype, or is the metaverse just [...]

Fact check: False claim that a 1997 boycott lowered gas prices by 30 cents a gallon in one day

Public Utility Research Center Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury shares his insights to help debunk a recent Facebook post claiming that a ‘gas out’ in April 1997 caused gas prices to dip by 30 cents a gallon overnight. Read why this post is inaccurate in this fact check story from USA Today.

COVID-related Debt with Denton Williams

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 We're excited to announce the new PURC Refresher Series, designed for our extensive network of PURC alumni. Together we will explore timely topics to sharpen your technical and strategic skills. In our first refresher session, we discuss COVID-related debt. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the global economy. In response, [...]

Market power doesn’t cause inflation

The recent inflation surge has many consumers and businesses upset — as they should be. Inflation makes it costly to hold liquid assets, which both groups need. Declining dollar values make it more costly for foreign entities to buy from American businesses. Inflation also punishes senior citizens whose savings shrink through no fault of their [...]

Should we use antitrust to break up Big Tech? A long-read Q&A with Mark Jamison

Some Americans are increasingly viewing our largest technology companies with suspicion. Google exercises too much control over information, Facebook and Twitter are silencing conservatives, and Amazon is crowding out competitors, we are told. Legislators have responded to these worries with proposals to rein in these tech giants, break them up, or punish them for their [...]