UF Resources to Utilize for Resume and Interview Help

There are an almost unlimited number of ways to receive resume and interview help in the business school. From my personal experience, I have used two resources to help me succeed in these areas: business courses and CAP Mentors. This past fall semester, I was enrolled in GEB3213: Professional Writing in Business, as well as [...]

Steps to Get Involved in the Business School

One amazing aspect of the business school is that there are tons of organizations you can join that will allow you to grow both professionally and personally. It is really important to take advantage of these organizations because they will allow you to develop skills that are imperative in the working world as well as [...]

The Importance of Networking

During my time here at UF, I have begun to realize that a big portion of the business world revolves around who you know and what connections you have. This is where networking comes into play. To get to know people, you must be able to network and talk with certain individuals. That is why [...]

My Journey Toward Accepting an Internship

I am going to tell you the most important things that I learned in my journey toward accepting a NY Wealth Management internship with JP Morgan. First of all, you MUST put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Reach out to recruiters, to current employees, to your mentors, and to anyone who might know something [...]

Innovation that Excites

I can’t even begin to explain how much A&I has been one of my favorite parts of FLA! I’m Rui and I’m part of the newsletter team that’s in the A&I committee and it’s an experience that I wouldn’t forget in college as cheesy as it sounds. My main responsibility on the team is to [...]

A Glimpse Inside the Civic Engagement Committee

Civic engagement has many different meanings and implications. Throughout FLA this semester we have had the opportunity to reflect and make a positive impact on the Gainesville community. Through each unique community experience, FLA members have had the opportunity to develop a foundation and passion for striving to be leaders in the community and excel [...]

The Importance of Understanding

THE IMPORTANCE OF DEI DE&I has become a pivotal part of learning and growth for many companies, organizations, and even communities – yet the question remains: why should I care? When thinking about the concept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, many people have the same fear and apprehension about how it may relate to them [...]

The Value of Learning Outside the Classroom

When I graduate from NYU School of Law this coming May, it will conclude nineteen consecutive years as a student. In this nearly two-decade long adventure, I have accumulated crucial insights into getting the most out of your educational experience. For example, your future self is going to hate your present self if you continue [...]

My Greatest Lesson from 2018: Perfectionists Finish Last

Much of my identity has been shaped from my experience growing up in a Caribbean household with type A parents. More specifically, a mom who constantly pushed me to achieve success in all arenas of my upbringing - academics, extracurriculars, social interactions, you name it. My mom even put me in school at the age [...]

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Podcast & Build a Community of Listeners

The Cheddar was a podcast started by my dear friend Katie and I, stemming from the fire in our bellies to empower women in technology and spread awareness and related issues. As part of our mission of empowering minorities in tech, we're sharing our best practices learned from pressing record. We can't wait for you [...]