FLA is honored to feature a diverse set of speakers representing a variety of career paths and industries, ranging from young professionals to c-level executives. Our guest speakers share valuable advice and lessons learned about leadership, personal growth, career success, and life. Many of our speakers are FLA alumni who lead thought-provoking discussions and engage students in hands-on experiential learning activities.

Fall 2022

  • Alexis_Figueroa
    Alexis Figueroa

    Management Consulting Associate

  • Ashley_Gaddy
    Ashley Gaddy

    Founder & Director of Business Development and Marketing
    Ashley Gaddy Enterprises & Cook Ross

  • Chloe_Beaver
    Chloe Beaver

    Senior Talent and Learning Solutions Specialist

  • Danielle_Gertner
    Danielle Gertner

    Ownership Coach, Community Builder, Podcast Host
    Danielle Gertner

  • Jack_Causseaux
    Dr. Jack Causseaux

    Executive Director for Experiential Learning
    Heavener School of Business

  • Karissa_Seepaul
    Karissa Seepaul

    Management Rotation Program Associate- Brand Social Media and Content
    Capital One

  • Lisa D'souza
    Lisa D'Souza

    Director for Career and Leadership Programs

  • Marissa_Tanner
    Marissa Tanner

    CORE Finance Associate
    Comcast NBCUniversal

  • Paige_Santiago
    Paige Santiago

    CORE Finance Associate

  • Taylor Smellie
    Taylor Smellie

    Chief of Staff

  • Tony_Andenoro
    Dr. Tony Andenoro

    Vice President & Chief Advancement Officer
    William Woods University

Spring 2023

  • Alfonso_Mejia
    Alfonso Mejia

    LatAm Market Responsibility Specialist

  • Ben_Sisarsky
    Ben Sisarsky

    Senior Account Executive
    Proctor & Gamble

  • Brandon_West
    Brandon West

    Chief Purpose Officer
    PHOS Creative

  • Brian_Ray
    Dr. Brian Ray

    Director, Poe Business Ethics Center
    Warrington College of Business

  • Brooke_Lynch
    Brooke Lynch

    Category Account Executive
    Proctor & Gamble

  • Cindy_Grosso
    Cindy Grosso

    The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette

  • Danielle_Gertner
    Danielle Gertner

    Ownership Coach, Community Builder, Podcast Host
    Danielle Gertner

  • David_Silvestain
    David Silvestain

    Vice President of Sales
    Proctor & Gamble Ventures

  • Eesha_Doshi
    Eesha Doshi

    Finance Manager
    The Home Depot

  • Jade_Skarda
    Jade Skarda

    Senior Product Manager

  • Jasmin_Tahirovic
    Jasmin Tahirovic

    Vice President Capital Markets- Private Placements
    BNP Paribas

  • John_Walsh
    John Walsh

    Chief Financial Officer
    VOSS Water

  • Kimberly_Moore
    Kimberly Moore

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Go Together

  • Macy_Gullifer
    Macy Gullifer

    Commercial Banking Associate
    SouthState Bank

  • Rachel_Ferreri
    Rachel Ferreri

    Category Development Account Executive
    Proctor & Gamble

  • Rachel_Keller_Pompeo
    Rachel Keller Pompeo

    Enterprise Business Lead