UF Resources to Utilize for Resume and Interview Help

There are an almost unlimited number of ways to receive resume and interview help in the business school. From my personal experience, I have used two resources to help me succeed in these areas: business courses and CAP Mentors. This past fall semester, I was enrolled in GEB3213: Professional Writing in Business, as well as GEB4930: Career Success. One of the assignments for GEB3213 was to tailor our resumes to a job posting of our choosing. This assignment taught me how to search for key adjectives in job descriptions, and then how to use those adjectives in my own resume to make it more appealing to recruiters. In GEB4930, we were given a mock interview assignment in which we had to record ourselves answering basic interview questions. The interview included questions such as, “Tell me about yourself?” and “Why do you want this position?” Crafting answers to these common interview questions helped me prepare for my own real interviews. Similarly to GEB3213, we were also assigned a resume assignment in GEB4930 in which we tailored our resumes to a job posting. These courses were very helpful in teaching me how to shape my resume for each individual position I apply to in order to make it more applicable to the job description.

Another resource I utilized for resume and interview help were the CAP Mentors. I was able to find a CAP Mentor who is following a very similar career path as I am and has the same major. This was very beneficial because she had experience interviewing with the same companies I will be applying to for internships. For this reason, I highly recommend that if you are seeking help from a CAP Mentor, then you should find a mentor whose career path aligns with your own and continue to meet with them for advice and assistance. I met with this CAP Mentor multiple times for practice interviews and resume help, and found her advice to be the most valuable of any other resource. We were able to spend one-on-one time walking through my resume, making changes from the overall format of my resume down to the smallest mistakes in punctuation. In my practice interviews, she made me more confident in the answers I had prepared in my classes and gave me ideas for how to answer questions that were more challenging. Overall, finding a CAP Mentor to help you with tailoring your resume and practicing for interviews is a very beneficial resource at the business school.