Steps to Get Involved in the Business School

One amazing aspect of the business school is that there are tons of organizations you can join that will allow you to grow both professionally and personally. It is really important to take advantage of these organizations because they will allow you to develop skills that are imperative in the working world as well as provide you with a network full of people who want to see you succeed. If you are looking to get involved within the business school, I recommend taking these steps.

Research the organizations that you are interested in.
This will allow you to acquire more information about each specific organization and help make sure you are applying to an organization that best suits your goals.

Follow them on social media.
I recommend mainly following them on Instagram so you don’t miss any important events that they may offer.

Attend recruiting events.
This is another great way to become familiar with the organizations in the business school. These events will allow you to get to know what the organization is about and what specific skills you will focus on if you are a member. They also provide a perfect opportunity to get to know the current members of the organization and build your network. Taking the time to talk to these members and develop a personal relationship with them is probably the most important part to getting involved in the business school. You are able to get to know each other on a one-on-one basis, and decide if you will fit into that organization. In addition, when the members are reviewing your application, they can put a face to the name, which can benefit you in the decision process.

When I was looking to get involved within the Business school, I first started out by researching what organizations were offered and narrowed down my list to the organizations that I was interested in. From there, I followed those organizations on social media, wrote down their recruiting events in my planner so I wouldn’t miss them, and attended these events when the time came. I know going to your first recruiting event may seem scary, but the members add icebreakers and games to try to make it less intimidating and more fun for you. Going to these recruiting events was when I realized I really wanted to be a part of FLA because I realized I would get the most out of this organization and because of the members I met at these events.