The Importance of Networking

During my time here at UF, I have begun to realize that a big portion of the business world revolves around who you know and what connections you have. This is where networking comes into play.

To get to know people, you must be able to network and talk with certain individuals. That is why networking is so important, as it helps you develop those connections with co-workers, employers, higher executives, etc. Networking is especially important when landing internships or full-time offers. FLA was a great place for me to network, not only with other mentees and mentors but with the Friday session speakers. When I was a mentee (Shoutout FLA Class XVII), a former Disney executive, Mr. John Walsh, came to speak about how we can stand out in the vast business world. After that Friday session, I decided to reach out to him and ask him questions about his time at Disney, as I have always been interested in obtaining an internship with them. Fast forward a year later, full of meeting with other Disney connections and learning about what it means to work at the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” I just recently accepted an offer to be a Finance Intern for Disney’s Parks, Experiences, and Products.

Networking can go a long way and the more experience you have with it, the further you will go. Whether this involves attending FLA alumni and social events or reaching out to Gators on LinkedIn, one can never do too much networking!