Product Management- The Best Job No One in College Knows About

Every time someone asks me what my job is, and I tell them I’m a product manager, they look at me as though I’ve started to speak another language. Their eyes glaze over and from then on, I know that most of what I say will be in one ear and out the other. While [...]

How to Harness Your Inner-Present Potential: A Review of “You are a Badass”

- A recent graduate’s review of Jen Sincero’s, “You are a Badass” - I always knew that graduating college was going to be a weird feeling, especially combined with the fact that I did it early. As a freshly graduated college student, I couldn’t help but experience this overwhelming feeling of “What now?” Sure, I [...]

The Other Sixteen Hours of Your Internship

What do you do when you get off of work at your internship? Do you work out? Do you call home? Do you curl up with a tasty dinner and settle in with a binge-worthy Netflix show? I’ve been known to do all three. But after a while, I began to wonder if there was [...]

Life at Cisco

My first week at Cisco As I nervously walked up to Building 11 on the RTP campus, following in the footsteps of many eager interns before me, it still hadn’t quite set in that what I had been working toward for essentially the last nine months of my life had finally became a reality. Sure, [...]

Showcasing My Vulnerabilities

“Can I tell you a little more about myself?” This is what everyone starts off with when they speak to a recruiter at the University of Florida’s Career Showcase. Everyone knows how daunting Career Showcase can be. For me, I felt anxiety, loneliness, and a sense of urgency; I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where [...]

Mentorship that Fosters Community

Throughout my first three years at UF, the leadership programs in the business school have inspired me to reflect deeply on personal and professional matters. I have been able to grow and learn from the support system around me, including the amazing mentors I’ve been lucky to have. Mentorship has been a crucial part of [...]


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