Heavener Global Mindset

At times, our mobility may be restricted, but that’s no excuse to stop engaging with the global community. Not only is it an important step of your preparation for the global workforce, we believe it is an essential part of being a well-rounded Gator. Use these resources to ensure you are building a global mindset, no matter where you are.

COVID-19 & Study Abroad id="covid-19"

All Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 UF study abroad was cancelled in response to COVID-19. Currently, study abroad programs are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Heavener International Programs and the UF International Center before receiving final approval to run.

With approximately 50% of all Heavener students studying abroad in a typical academic year, the pandemic has added many obstacles to the number of in-person global experiences we are able to provide. While study abroad is adapting to these changes, we want to make sure all Gators are safe and able to stay connected to the community.

What you can do:

Intercultural Fluency id="intercultural-fluency"

According to the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), global and intercultural fluency is one of the eight key competencies that define what career readiness looks like in graduating students. Here at Heavener, intercultural communication is crucial. While an immersive experience in another culture is the most impactful option we provide, here are other resources you can use to expand your intercultural communication skills without leaving the country:

Connect with International Business id="connect"

Stay up-to-date with global trends in business. Connecting with domestic organizations is an excellent way to learn more. It is also beneficial to browse international headlines to gain further insight that can help prepare you for the business world.

Within Florida:

International News & Data:

Global Remote Internships id="remote-internships"

Global remote international internships allow students to have an international experience, build their resume and develop professional skills from the comfort of their own home. The Heavener International Programs office works with a select number of paid providers to organize remote international work placements all over the world for UF students at a discounted cost. We also manage a special section of the GEB 4941: Internship Course so students can earn UF credit for their internship through these programs.

Watch the video below for insight into what remote internships entail, skill development, and other benefits from one of our recent program alumni.

For more information on global remote internships, visit our international internships page.

International Opportunities id="international-opportunities"

Securing an internationally-focused career requires a special skillset. We encourage students to pursue international internships and study when possible. When you start planning for life after Heavener, there are a number of organizations that offer careers that can allow you to live and work abroad.

Don’t forget to connect with Business Career Services for assistance before applying!

Start your search:

Global Gators id="global-gators"

Heavener students say it best – studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can define your UF career.

Around Gainesville id="around-gainesville"

Nothing can compare to the feeling of stepping off an airplane in another country, but there are plenty of opportunities for students to make meaningful intercultural connections right here in Gainesville.

Travel Entertainment id="travel-entertainment"

There are many fun & engaging ways to connect with the world from the comfort of your home. Browse these suggestions for an escape.