Flag of South Korea

UF in South Korea Internship

Offered Summer 2022

Welcome to Seoul, South Korea – a city rooted in history and tradition, but famed for its fashion, art, futuristic architecture, and tech- forward metropolis. The UF in South Korea Internship Program offers students a unique opportunity to learn about this highly sophisticated and developed Asian market while completing a professional internship. Students who participate in this program will gain valuable experience for their resume, develop professional skills, network with business professionals in Seoul, and learn how to adapt to cultural differences in a professional setting.

Korean language is not required. All interns will have an English speaking supervisor.

The Country: South Korea

The Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is a dynamic collection of stark contrasts and wild contradictions where tradition and technology are equally embraced. Futuristic skyscrapers loom over ancient temples. The frenetic pace of the daily workday is offset by serene city parks. Traditional values exist alongside a cutting edge and world-famous entertainment sector. The country is home to thirteen UNESCO World Heritage sites, the most-viewed music video in history, and three of the top ten most streamed TV shows on Netflix.

The City: Seoul

Signs light up the street at night in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and one of the financial and cultural epicenters of East Asia. The city embodies South Korea’s economic transformation from a war-torn, poverty stricken, agrarian-based economy just 60 years ago. With globally recognized brands like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, Seoul is today the 4th most economically powerful city in the world, behind just Tokyo, New York City and Los Angeles. New money helped Seoul develop in to one of the most wired, connected, and technologically advanced urban centers in the world. It also led to a creative revolution, often referred to as the Korean Wave, in which Korean pop culture has exploded into the global mainstream. With historical temples and traditions as a backdrop, Seoul residents today enjoy a 24-hour entertainment metropolis, complete with endless food streets, buzzing nightlife, and shopping in Seoul’s many stylish boutiques.

Program Eligibility

  • Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Students must have a valid U.S. passport
  • Students must submit resume
  • Students must interview with program director and internship provider
  • Students must be flexible, reliable, professional, and culturally sensitive

This program is open to students in all colleges and majors. Korean language ability is not required as all students are paired with an English-speaking supervisor.

Application Deadline

  • Summer: March 1

Program applications are located on the UF International Center website. Students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and non-refundable deposit to the UF International Center. This program may reach full capacity prior to the application deadline. Applications will be approved in the order they are completed.

Program Dates

  • May 9-13: UF pre-departure training course (M-F/11am-2pm)
  • June 1: Students arrive in Seoul, South Korea
  • June 2: Day trip to Bukhansan Mountain National Park
  • June 3: Induction Day & Welcome Banquet
  • June 4: Seoul city tour
  • June 6: Internships begin
  • July 26: Internships end
  • July 27: Program ends – students vacate residences

Terms of Agreement

Students assume full responsibility for the cost of the program by April 1. Students on the participant list as of this date become financially obligated. Only in extreme circumstances (e.g., serious personal injury, family emergency, etc.) will a student be allowed to petition to remove him/herself from the list of participants prior to the start of the program. Petitions will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean and Director of the School of Business.

Program Structure

Bibimbap, a Korean rice dish

Prior to departure, students will complete a one-week course focused on South Korea and its culture. Students will investigate South Korean history, economic development, family life, cultural practices, government structure and business culture through readings, assignments and 15 hours of synchronous class time taking place between May 9-13. Students arrive to Seoul, South Korea on June 1. The program will begin with a group trek at Bukhansan Mountain National Park, the most visited national park in the world, and a Seoul city tour. Students will be dropped off and begin their internships on June 6, working full time (35-40 hours/week, M-F) through the end of the program on July 27.


Students will complete 6 credits over the course of the program. All students will remotely complete a 15-hour synchronous pre-departure training class from May 9-May 13. The class will provide students with a rudimentary understanding of South Korea and include internship preparation activities.


  • GEB 4956: UF in South Korea Commerce and Culture (3 credits)
  • GEB 4941: South Korea International Internship (3 credits)

Degree requirements:

  • This program satisfies the UF summer credit requirement.
  • This program satisfies the internship requirement for business majors.
Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, South Korea


Students will apply their knowledge of South Korean commerce and culture through a two-month professional internship with a Korean or multinational company in Seoul, South Korea. After submitting a resume, selecting your sectors of interest, and completing an interview, students are matched with a company that relates to their professional interests, experience and goals. Student interns will have an English-speaking supervisor and be assigned specific projects throughout their internship.

Students will work Monday through Friday, completing 35-40 hours of work per week. Students must be prepared for a variety of work environments. Many companies now have a hybrid work environment. Some companies may require work from home depending on the circumstances.

The internship experience is designed to help students develop the following learning objectives:

  • Gain valuable professional skills for career development and enhanced employability
  • Obtain industry knowledge and experience to improve the resume
  • Achieve a cultural understanding of South Korean and Asian business practices
  • Enhance cultural agility to work in foreign contexts and networks
  • Develop global connections and networks

Placements: Every effort is made to match students with a sector and company that aligns with their major and interests. Although students are not guaranteed placement in a specific sector, interns tend to be successful in getting a placement related to their interests. All internship placements provide the opportunity to develop transferrable skills. Placements are available in the following sectors:

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza at night in Seoul, South Korea
  • Business
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Creative, Design & Fashion
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship & Startup
  • Green Technology, Sustainability, & Environmental
  • Finance
  • Health, Wellness, & Sport Management
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Tourism, & Events
  • International Development, NGO, & Charity
  • Legal
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Media, Communications, & Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Urban Planning & Architecture


Students will stay in a centrally located and fully furnished shared apartment or private studio for the duration of the program. Students will have their own bedroom and share a kitchen, living room and western style bathroom with one or two other students of the same gender. Rooms are equipped with a television, washing machine, microwave, kitchen utensils, towels, hairdryer, iron, ironing board, air conditioning, and internet Wi-Fi.

Program Costs

  • $8,865: 8-week program fee for Summer 2022

Program cost includes tuition, airport pick-up, welcome weekend banquet/orientation, guided tours, housing, business and networking seminars, international health insurance, an international sim card, 24-hour emergency support, and $425 UFIC application fee.

People enjoy an evening walking and sitting along the Cheonggyecheon River in downtown Seoul, South Korea

Other Estimated Expenses

  • Airfare: ~$2,000
  • Passport: $135 (If not already obtained)
  • Meals: ~$400*
  • Personal Expenses: ~$400*

*Expenses vary depending on student preferences.


The currency in South Korea is the Won.

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