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Study Abroad in Italy!

Offered Spring & Summer Terms

Surround yourself in all that Italy offers: archaeology, museums, art, food, fashion, and more! Rome is a modern, diverse city with a booming economy that leads the way from past to future. Students live in the capital of Italy while completing courses and indulging in Italian culture. This program is ideal for UF students pursuing a business major or minor, or non-business students interested in completing upper-division electives in a beautiful European city. Non-UF students may also apply.

The City: Rome, Italy

Overlooking St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, and Rome

Rome, also known as the Eternal City, has been central to world culture for more than 2,000 years. Rome is the third most populous city in all of Europe, giving it a unique juxtaposition against the ancient ruins scattered throughout the city. Top attractions include the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, Piazza Navona, and many more! The culinary scene also keeps citizens busy – from a morning espresso to carbonara pasta to a late-night gelato, there’s always something delicious nearby.

Heavener's Rome Partner: SJU

SJU (St. John’s University) assists in coordinating the UF in Rome custom program. SJU is an American university in New York. Since SJU opened its Rome campus in 1995, they have offered quality programs that embody the SJU tradition of excellence and service. The university is internationally known for the high quality of its professors. As a result, the campus draws students from across the United States and around the world. The campus is centrally located in the heart of the city, in the Prati district. It is within walking distance of the historical center, Castel Sant’ Angelo, the Vatican, and the Spanish Steps.

Program Benefits

Student with binoculars inside the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
  • Take courses to meet UF degree requirements while experiencing an exciting new culture
  • Study & live alongside other UF students
  • Participate in cultural activities & excursions
  • Ease of applying Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid, & other financial aid to program costs

Program Eligibility

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy with student in front.
  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccine or medical/religious waiver is required by SJU Rome.
  • Students must have completed two full semesters at UF by program start. Students should avoid studying abroad in their final semester.
  • By application deadline, students must have a passport that is valid through at least six months after program end date.
  • After acceptance into program, students should be prepared to complete post-approval steps before departure.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Program applications are located on the UF International Center website. Students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and non-refundable deposit to the UF International Center. Please note that the program operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, though the program rarely reaches full capacity prior to the application deadline.

Program Dates

Program dates subject to change.

January 5: UF courses begin
January 11: UF Drop/Add ends
January 18: Students arrive in Rome
January 19-22: SJU Rome Orientation
January 24: SJU Rome classes begin
April 8: Last day to withdraw from UF courses
April 9-18: Mid-semester break and program excursions
April 20: Last day of UF classes
April 23-29: UF Final Exams week
April 25: No SJU classes (holiday)
May 12: SJU Rome classes end
May 13: Program ends – students vacate residence by 8a.m.

Program dates subject to change.

  • May 9: UF courses begin
  • May 10: UF Drop/Add ends
  • June 3: Students arrive in Rome
  • June 3-5: SJU Orientation
  • June 6: SJU Session I classes begin
  • June 30: SJU Session I classes end
  • July 3-10: Mid-semester break
  • July 11: SJU Session II classes begin
  • July 29: Last day to withdraw from UF courses
  • August 4: SJU Session II classes end
  • August 5: Last day of UF classes
  • August 6: Program ends – students vacate residence by 8am

Terms of Agreement

Scooters covered in snow line a street in Rome, Italy

Students must withdraw from their study abroad program on or before the following dates to avoid fee liability:

  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer: April 1

Students become financially obligated for the full cost of their study abroad program after these dates. Only in extreme circumstances (e.g., serious personal injury, family emergency, etc.) will a student be allowed to petition for withdrawal prior to the start of the program. Petitions will be reviewed by the Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business.

Academic Structure

(13-17 credit hours)

All students are required to take two courses offered by SJU and two online UF business courses.

2 St. John’s University Courses (3 transfer credits each)

  • Italian Language: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • ITA 3923: City of Rome
  • IB 3341: Principles of International Business (equivalent to GEB 3373)
  • ART 1790A: Art and Architecture in Italy
  • ART 1250: Italian Sketchbook
  • THE 2810: Religions of the World
  • HMT 2025: Appreciation of Italian Food, Wine & Culture (spring only)

A complete list of courses & syllabi can be found on the St. John’s University program page under the ‘Academics’ tab.

2 Online UF Business Courses (4 UF credits each)

These courses follow the UF spring calendar.

  • MAN 3025: Principles of Management
  • MAR 3023: Principles of Marketing
  • BUL 4310: Business Law
  • ENT 3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • GEB 3373: International Business (spring semester only)
  • MAN4504: Operations Management

(10-14 credit hours)

All students are required to take two courses offered by St. John’s University and take at least one online UF business course.

2 St. John’s University Courses (3 transfer credits each)

The summer term is broken into two sessions. Students must select one course for Summer 1 and one course for Summer 2. A complete list of courses & syllabi can be found on the St. John’s University program pages (Summer 1 and Summer 2) under the ‘Academics’ tab.

Summer 1 Courses

  • Italian Language: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • ITA 2040: Intermediate Italian Conversation
  • ITA 3120: Advanced Italian Conversation

Summer 2 Courses

  • IB 3341: Principles of International Business (equivalent to GEB 3373)
  • ITA 1790A: Art and Architecture in Italy

1-2 Online UF Business Courses (4 UF credits each)

These courses follow the UF summer C calendar.

  • BUL4310: Business Law
  • ENT3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • MAN3025: Principles of Management
  • MAN4504: Operations Management
  • MAR3023: Principles of Marketing

Program Costs

Program Fee

Group of students outside of the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy.
  • Fall 2021: $14,300
  • Spring 2022: $14,350
  • Summer 2022: $11,250

Program fee includes all academic expenses (tuition/fees), orientations, co-curricular activities within Rome, housing/utilities, international travel medical insurance, and 24/7 emergency support. €45 worth of meal vouchers to be used at local vendors (restaurants and grocery stores) are also provided weekly. The $425 deposit paid at the time of application is included in the above figure. Note that some courses may require additional fees upon arrival.

Other Estimated Expenses

In addition to the Program Fee, which is billed by UFIC and due before the program begins, students can also expect to incur the following out-of-pocket incidentals at various stages before or during the program.

  • Passport (if needed): $145-$205
  • Visa (Spring only): $160
  • Flight: $600-1200
  • Textbooks/Supplies: $100-$350
  • Phone: $15-$50/month
  • Meals: $150-$1000/month
  • Other personal expenses: $100-$1200/month
    • E.g., shopping, leisure, travel, etc.)
  • COVID-19 Test (Pre-Departure)*: $0-$100
Two gelato cones with Trevi Fountain in the background in Rome, Italy

The above figures are general estimates. All incidentals, except the passport, will vary between students depending on circumstances and preferences. Students are strongly encouraged to devise a budget for meals and other personal expenses in-country. The currency in Italy is the Euro (€).

*Information regarding COVID-19 testing requirements as stipulated by Italy and US governments is constantly evolving. UF and/or SJU will keep you apprised of the most up-to-date information in communications during the pre-departure phase and during your time abroad. Students will be responsible for arranging their necessary tests.


Housing and utilities are included in the cost of the program. Students will live in shared dormitories managed by SJU. The dormitory is located above the classrooms in the St. John’s University Rome campus building. The building is located minutes from the Lepanto metro stop.

SJU oversees the housing assignment process. To help facilitate that, students submit a housing/roommate questionnaire after completing the UF in Rome application and being accepted into the program. Students will be informed of their housing assignment approximately two weeks before the start of the program.

Landscape of Ponte Sant Angelo in Rome, Italy

Students can expect the following from the residence:

  • Two to three students per bedroom
    • Bedrooms are same gender
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Access to a communal kitchen & common area
  • Laundry facilities access
  • Wifi
  • Security systems (including key card access to the building) & live-in Residence Life staff

Outside the Classroom

Student standing in front of skyscraper in Milan, Italy

Rome is a historic city with plenty of places to enjoy and explore. SJU provides many co-curricular and extracurricular activities around Rome. Note that local SJU staff also share regular recommendations for activities and events with students. We encourage students to do some research, think about how best to spend their free time, and try to connect with locals whenever possible! Check out a few resources below:

Pre-Departure Preparations

In addition to regular advising during the application process, Heavener International Programs hosts a series of sessions for program participants that are designed to offer support and manage student expectations:

Student standing in front of Lake Bracciano in Italy, doing Gator Chomp
  • First Meeting: Typically held within a week of the study abroad application deadline, students meet others in the cohort and begin networking. Cultural resources are reviewed and further pre-departure tasks are clarified.
  • Pre-Departure Session: Typically held two weeks prior to the end of UF classes the preceding semester, final preparations (e.g., packing, finances, phones, etc.) are reviewed. Arrival information, daily life, health & safety, and more are also addressed.
  • Study Abroad Survival Session: Typically held the Reading Day of the preceding semester, students are led through a series of activities about cultural adjustment, global fluency, and comfort zones. Advisors also address any additional fears or concerns regarding travel or program elements.

Exact session dates and times are provided upon formal acceptance into the program. Students also complete an online Pre-Departure Module designed and overseen by the UF International Center and receive regular communication from Heavener International Programs and Nebrija each step of the way. Lastly, students are provided with a Heavener International Programs Pre-Departure Guide approximately 2-4 weeks before departure. Please email us if you would like to see samples of any pre-departure materials.