• Emily Treasure
    Emily Treasure

    Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL
    Degrees: Bachelors – May 2018; Masters – December 2018
    Major: Marketing
    Combination Degree: Master of International Business
    Internships: Digital Marketing Intern with theatreMAMA, New York City
    Warrington Diplomats, Warrington Welcome Peer Leader, BUMP, Actualize Development Program, Greek Life (Delta Zeta), Dance Marathon, Gator Growl
    Full-time offer: not yet!!

    Throughout my time within Warrington, many mentors have shaped my experience and career goals, including a CAP mentor who I now consider a very close friend. She became a driving influence behind my current path to obtaining my Master of International Business and my leadership roles within the business school, always pushing me to be the best version of myself. My position as a Warrington Welcome Peer Leader has allowed me to build close relationships with the staff in Warrington as well. These relationships have provided me with the resources and support necessary to solidify my career aspirations of working abroad. Choosing to become a part of the Warrington College of Business Administration was definitely the best decision I have made thus far, helping me to grow both personally and professionally.

  • Bala Poddar
    Bala Poddar

    Hometown: Gainesville, FL
    Degrees: Bachelors – 2011; MBA – 2017
    Major: Marketing
    UF MBA Program: 1 year for Business Majors
    Full-time Placement: Amazon
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    They started by helping me go through my background to understand the value I can give to a company like Amazon. It’s a big pivot for me, but we were able to go through mock interviews where I got the confidence in myself that I can handle this change. It was a huge confidence boost for me.