Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the difference between Business Career Services and Career Resource Center? Can I still use the Career Resource Center?

Of course you can! The Career Resource Center is a resource open to all UF students, whereas Business Career Services is reserved for Warrington students. We encourage you to use all resources available to you at the University of Florida.

I am a business minor; can I utilize Business Career Services?

Business Career Services is offered to those students who hold a major within the Warrington College of Business. If this is not you, the UF Career Resource Center can help!

Can you help me with class registration?

No, we cannot. You should see your academic and career advisor about anything related to your academics.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, Check with our Director of First Impressions, at our front desk in Hough Hall, Room 350 or by calling at 352/273-4950.


Where can I find you?

Undergraduates can find us in Heavener Hall. Graduate students can find us in Hough Hall. For both groups, sign in to make an appointment.

Do you have walk-in hours?

The CAP office has walk-in hours. They are Mon-Thurs, 10:40am-5:00pm. Visit the CAP Mentors web site.

How do I make an appointment?

Great question! Sign into HIREWarrington. If you have not created an account, please sign up for one.

Students may request, review, reschedule, or cancel appointment completing the following steps: Click Request a Counseling Appointment (Quicklink on right hand side of page) or Go to Calendar > Counseling Appointment > Request New Appointment located on the CCSSFF menu bar.

Searching for your Career Coach and their Availability
Students can set their desired scheduling criteria and the refined results will show based on the filters.

Under the date, select the appropriate Business Career Services Career Coach that is associated to your major or academic program (and first letter of your last name, if applicable) next to the available time you wish to request an appointment. Choose that time.

A confirmation window will appear to review the appointment details along with any additional comments you wish to share with your Career Coach prior to your appointment. Please confirm your appointment request.

Appointment Approval
Once your career coaching appointment has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your appointment.

Please note: If you wish to cancel your appointment, you must do so 24 hours in advance.

What topics can I discuss during my appointment?

Our team is happy to help you create a job or internship search strategy as well as provide feedback on resumes, cover letters and other professional communication. We also offer mock interview services. Basically, if it is related to your internship or job search, we can help you!

Who should I make an appointment with?

Depending on your major or program of study, you will make an appointment with your Business Career Coach.

Can I make an appointment with someone who is not assigned to me?

If you have a pre-existing relationship, then yes! If you are new to us, please see your Business Career Coach.

What constitutes an emergency, i.e., I need to meet with someone now?

If you have an offer of employment for a job or internship that expires today or you feel you may have received a fraudulent offer, call our office at 352-273-4950 to see what appointments may be available.

Should I still see a CAP Mentor?

Find out whether you should see a CAP Mentor or a Career Coach and get more details about career coaching.

Our team works very closely with the CAP Mentors – they are awesome! Visit the CAP Mentors web site to learn more about them.

When should I come see you in relation to graduation?

Come see us now. Right now. Stop reading and sign up for an appointment with a CAP to get started. Visit the CAP Mentors web site.

Jobs, Resumes, & More

Is this where I can discuss internship or job offers?

Yes, please! It is recommended you speak to a career coach before accepting or rejecting any offer of employment. We know a thing or two about the market and can help you best understand all of the facets of the offer.

How do I apply for jobs and internships?

There are a ton of resources out there.

Can you get me a job?

Maybe. Can you get me one? Just kidding. We have a tons of resources to aid you in your job search. Log in to HIREWarrington to find out more.

Can you build/write my resume?

It’s your resume, so it’s best if you write it. Our team can provide resources and feedback to help you make it the best representation of you and your experience.

Can you help me write a personal statements?

Yes. Sign up for an appointment with a CAP mentor.

How do I practice interviewing?

Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself it is not as scary as it seems. Or, make an appointment with a CAP Mentor or Career Coach and they will conduct a mock interview with you.

What are employers going to ask me?

All sorts of things! We recommend checking out our resources in the Career Media Library for tips on interviewing and what the interviewer might ask you.

Where can I find contact info for recruiters?

Whoa, Sally! Hold your horses. Chat with a CAP mentor or Career Coach before reaching out to any recruiters directly.

Where can I get a professional photo taken?

Glamour shots are offered by the Gator Career Closet in the Career Connection Center. Visit their website to sign up for an appointment. Check it out – they are free!