Job Search Resources


Offered exclusively to UF Warrington College of Business students, this database includes job and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. It also includes a library of career development information.

Gator CareerLink

Offered through the CRC, Gator CareerLink is a tool for all UF students that lists internship and job opportunities for all majors.


Handshake is for students! This platform focuses on helping you find the jobs that you are looking for and make it easy for employers to recruit you. Handshake partners with employers, bringing their best opportunities onto their platform just for you. The top employers, including all the Fortune 500, recruit students through Handshake, giving you access to jobs and internships that are available across the United States. Create your Handshake profile and Handshake will show you jobs that are a good fit for you. You can filter and search through job roles based on your interests and discover new career possibilities. Best of all, recruiters will message you directly with event invites and job opportunities. Start searching today!


Firsthand/Evisors provides access to both industry/functional online videos and webinars, along with access to professionals in the workplace that can answer questions for you about their specific industry and role

EFMD Global Career Service

Looking for an international work experience? Explore Highered Global Careers by using your Gatorlink email and explore what the world has to offer!


For graduate business students, this site focuses on employment opportunities for those with specialized master’s degrees.

For graduate business students, this site provides job listings for more advanced positions. Although MBA is the in the title, this site has opportunities open to all graduate business students.


LinkedIn is a great resource not only for professional networking, but also viewing jobs and being viewed by recruiters. Be sure your profile is updated before you start viewing jobs, as recruiters will be able to see your job views. Use LinkedIn to see what other professionals with your major or career goals are doing and how they got there.

LinkedIn Student

This site just for students has over 50,000 internship and job postings. In addition to traditional LinkedIn, this is a great tool for undergraduate and graduate students. It has tools that help you connect to alumni with similar interests and will also suggest job or internship postings that match your profile.


If you’ve found yourself wondering, “What does consulting really mean?” start here. Vault provides great insight into different industries, as well as interview prep tools and job postings.


Glassdoor gives you access to job postings, reviews from current or former employees of these organizations, interview processes, and salary information. Be careful not to place too much weight on these reviews and this information. It’s self-reported and comes from a small percentage of the company’s workforce (often those who are very happy or very not!).

Indeed is the highest traffic job search in the United States. A search function is available as is the ability to post your resume for recruiters to find you. Be aware that Indeed pulls a portion of its posts from other job boards, so double check a company’s job board to ensure the position is still open before you apply.


Interested in a few specific companies? Follow them on Twitter! They may tweet out job openings when they have them and this way, you will be one of the first to hear about them.


ZipRecruiter is a leading online job search engine that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart matching technology to actively connect millions of employers and job seekers. With the #1 rated Job Search app for iPhone and Android, and more than 9 million active job postings available to search, ZipRecruiter makes it easy to find your next great opportunity.