Comprehensive Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)

A Training Course for Experienced Utility Regulators, Policy Makers, and Infrastructure Professionals

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Are your utility regulations achieving desired results? Do you have the proper tools to analyze their impacts? Don’t guess or remain in the dark about possible regulatory effects! Learn how to effectively and rigorously analyze and communicate the impacts of regulations. With the Comprehensive Regulatory Impact Analysis course, now offered live at the University of Florida, you will spend five intensive days with PURC’s world-class faculty to structure your own RIA study.

The course provides tools and approaches for RIA, a systematic appraisal of the potential impact of a regulatory decision to assess whether the decision is likely to achieve the desired objectives and at what costs. Through lectures, practical exercises, peer discussions, and a personalized case study, you will learn how to identify key questions, identify stakeholders and engage them in the analysis, use appropriate analytical techniques, and communicate their findings.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to structure a RIA study. In addition, the course will take you beyond process to higher levels of RIA substance and communication. You will be able to:

  • Project the impacts of alternative regulatory policies on different customer classes, including alternative rate designs, conservations programs, and service quality improvements
  • Incorporate advanced elements into your RIA studies, including uncertainty (and the precautionary principle), option values (for the timing and sequencing of projects), and referent analysis (identifying the impacts on different stakeholder groups and on the environment)
  • Analyze potential impacts on infrastructure performance based on simulations
  • Develop strategies and systems for tracking the results of regulatory decisions
  • Communicate RIA to decision makers and stakeholders by categorizing benefits, costs, and associated risks in clear and comprehensible language

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