PURC Annual Conference

for Utility Service Providers, Policy Makers, and Regulators

Public Utility Research Center, Annual Conference

SAVE THE DATE: February 17 – 19, 2021
Registration for the 2021 conference will begin January 2021

Online Event

What a year 2020 was! The pandemic caught us flatfooted and raised issues such as how to conduct business and regulation while keeping people safe, how to serve large numbers of customers that have struggled financially, how to manage supply lines when markets are disrupted, and how to practice leadership when we find ourselves in situations none of us have experienced before.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about 2020 is how well everyone stepped up and adapted to the situation. Utility service providers offered customers plans for keeping them connected. Utility regulators figured out how to maintain transparency, legitimacy, credibility, and predictability without in-person engagements. Both operators and regulators learned to fully engage with a public whose diverse needs were escalated by the pandemic. And people have monitored carefully the financial consequences and begun planning for recovery.

What have we learned and what do we do next? Please join us for the 48th Annual PURC Conference where speakers and the audience will tackle these questions:

  • What has been learned about our regulatory systems and its adaptability?
  • How have voluntary disconnect moratoria worked? What about mandates?
  • What are the states of our energy, water, and communications infrastructures? Do they remain resilient? Are they meeting the needs of customers and our economy?
  • What have been the differences in experiences between municipally-owned, investor-owned, and cooperatives?
  • How are financial markets viewing utilities and regulation?
  • What did we learn about caring for customers? Employees?
  • What are the pricing challenges going into the future?
  • What happens next and how do we prepare?

This event will be hosted entirely online. The tentative schedule is:
Wednesday, February 17: 12:45pm – 3:00pm
Thursday, February 18: 8:45am – 11:00am
Friday, February 19: 8:45am – 11:00am

PURC is registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as a provider of continuing professional educations programs. Each year, we apply to the DBPR for technical business CPE credit for conference sessions, as well as to the Florida Bar for general CLER credit for Florida law practitioners.

PURC Distinguished Service Award

Each year at the PURC Annual Conference, PURC honors an individual who has contributed to the understanding of regulatory economics and finance. The PURC Distinguished Service Award recognizes the cumulative impact of an individual’s research and policy analyses on both the academic community and regulatory policymakers.

Gerald L. Gunter Distinguished Service Award

The Gerald L. Gunter Distinguished Service Award is presented jointly at our Annual Conference by PURC and the Florida Public Service Commission. It recognizes a Public Service Commission employee who has made a significant contribution to the development of regulatory policy.

The award is named after the late FPSC Commissioner Gerald L. Gunter, who was especially supportive of the relationship between the University and the Florida PSC. After his death in June 1991, the Gerald L. Gunter Memorial was established by his friends and colleagues. In addition to the Gunter Award, financial gifts enabled the establishment of the Gunter Professorship in the Warrington College of Business. Mark Jamison serves as the Gerald L. Gunter Professor of research in regulatory policy.

  • 2020: Samantha Cibula
  • 2019: Mark Cicchetti
  • 2018: Patti Daniel
  • 2017: Rick Moses
  • 2016: Jim Breman
  • 2015: Mary Anne Helton
  • 2014: Greg Shafer
  • 2013: Andrew Maurey
  • 2012: Tom Ballinger
  • 2011: Robert J. Casey
  • 2010: Kathy Welch
  • 2009: Mark Futrell
  • 2008: David Smith
  • 2007: Connie S. Kummer
  • 2006: Cheryl Bulecza-Banks
  • 2005: Marshall Willis
  • 2004: Tim Devlin
  • 2003: James A. Ward
  • 2002: Lisa Harvey
  • 2001: David Dowds
  • 2000: Sally Simmons
  • 1999: J. Alan Taylor
  • 1998: Dale Mailhot
  • 1997: Bob Trapp
  • 1996: Cindy Miller
  • 1995: John Williams
  • 1994: Beth Salak
  • 1993: Joe McCormick
  • 1992: Jill Butler