PURC Annual Conference

for Utility Service Providers, Policy Makers, and Regulators

Speaker and attendees at a PURC Annual Conference

47th Annual PURC Conference - Rates, Realities and Risks: Ratemaking for Tomorrow

February 19 – 20, 2020
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Gainesville, Florida

When the world around us changes, sometimes the best practices that used to work are called into question. The U.S. has tried and true methods for regulating utility prices. They were developed to ensure that needed utility investments would be made, that customers would be protected, and that all voices would be heard. Have circumstances changed in ways that important goals are impeded by our current modes of regulation?

Both utilities and customers are trying and adopting new technologies. Do the incentives align with our regulatory objectives? Are risks, rewards, and losses in proper alignment? Some people are concerned that diminishing returns on investments in energy efficiency are making it hard to find efficiency gains. Should we rethink these policies? Long-term financial viability of water systems remains a challenge. What holds us back from investment-inducing ratemaking?

Please join us for the 47th PURC annual conference, February 19 – 20, 2020, when speakers and the audience will tackle these questions:

· Is our ratemaking system completely broken, in need of tweaking, or just right?

· Will we make the investments needed today to have the water and energy systems we need for the future?

· What are the challenges and options for providing power for electric vehicles and what are the implications of those options for ratemaking?

· Is our regulatory system encouraging utilities to make the best investments for the future?

· Are customers being provided with the price signals that they need to consume energy and water most efficiently?

· What are the recurring proposed constitutional amendments telling us about Florida’s utility markets, potential economic interests, and consumers’ perceptions?

· What would next generation energy efficiency look like?

The conference is hosted at the Hilton University of Florida – 1714 SW 34th Street, Gainesville, Florida. Registration opens at 1pm on Wednesday and the conference concludes following lunch on Thursday. A discounted guestroom rate, $149 plus tax per night, is available for conference attendees. Reserve your room online or by calling reservations at (352) 371-3600. Group code is PURC20. Reservations must be made by January 22, 2020 to secure the discounted rate.

PURC is registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as a provider of continuing professional educations programs. Each year, we apply to the DBPR for technical business CPE credit for conference sessions, as well as to the Florida Bar for general CLER credit for Florida law practitioners.

PURC Distinguished Service Award

Each year at the PURC Annual Conference, PURC honors an individual who has contributed to the understanding of regulatory economics and finance. The PURC Distinguished Service Award recognizes the cumulative impact of an individual’s research and policy analyses on both the academic community and regulatory policymakers.

Gerald L. Gunter Distinguished Service Award

The Gerald L. Gunter Distinguished Service Award is presented jointly at our Annual Conference by PURC and the Florida Public Service Commission. It recognizes a Public Service Commission employee who has made a significant contribution to the development of regulatory policy.

The award is named after the late FPSC Commissioner Gerald L. Gunter, who was especially supportive of the relationship between the University and the Florida PSC. After his death in June 1991, the Gerald L. Gunter Memorial was established by his friends and colleagues. In addition to the Gunter Award, financial gifts enabled the establishment of the Gunter Professorship in the Warrington College of Business. Mark Jamison serves as the Gerald L. Gunter Professor of research in regulatory policy.

  • 2019: Mark Cicchetti
  • 2018: Patti Daniel
  • 2017: Rick Moses
  • 2016: Jim Breman
  • 2015: Mary Anne Helton
  • 2014: Greg Shafer
  • 2013: Andrew Maurey
  • 2012: Tom Ballinger
  • 2011: Robert J. Casey
  • 2010: Kathy Welch
  • 2009: Mark Futrell
  • 2008: David Smith
  • 2007: Connie S. Kummer
  • 2006: Cheryl Bulecza-Banks
  • 2005: Marshall Willis
  • 2004: Tim Devlin
  • 2003: James A. Ward
  • 2002: Lisa Harvey
  • 2001: David Dowds
  • 2000: Sally Simmons
  • 1999: J. Alan Taylor
  • 1998: Dale Mailhot
  • 1997: Bob Trapp
  • 1996: Cindy Miller
  • 1995: John Williams
  • 1994: Beth Salak
  • 1993: Joe McCormick
  • 1992: Jill Butler