Specialized Master's

Specialized master’s programs help students become experts in their specific field. With eight programs to choose from, there’s a variety of options to choose from for each student.

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Accounting Programs id="macc"

The Master of Accounting program is offered as a traditional master’s program and a 3/2 program that integrates it with a bachelor’s degree. The program offers concentrations in taxation and auditing, but choosing a concentration is optional.

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship id="entrepreneurship"

The Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program provides students with a full picture of entrepreneurship. Students learn through curriculum and experiential learning opportunities while gaining the skills and savvy to plan, launch and sustain ventures.

Master of Science in Finance id="finance"

The William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance program is a combination degree program that takes applications from UF sophomores. Students do an internship after their junior year and usually receive an offer to return as a full-time employee after graduation.

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management id="information-systems-operations-management"

The Master of Science in Information Systems & Operations Management program prepares students for the future of business. Students learn how companies are succeeding with today’s technology advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Master of International Business id="international-business"

The Master of International Business program prepares students to make an immediate impact in a global career. Intended for students with little or no work experience, the MIB program uses core curriculum created about the global economy and allows chances to study abroad.

Master of Science in Management id="management"

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program brings students together from all undergraduate backgrounds, which creates a dynamic classroom experience with unique perspectives. Students learn to apply business concepts to their non-business careers or transition to jobs in business.

MS Marketing Program id="marketing"

The Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing program gives students an immersive journey through the intricate field of marketing. Whether students want to work in a corporate, non-profit or entrepreneurial setting in the future, this program empowers them with the skills to stand out in their career. With a variety of electives, students can personalize the curriculum to their future goals.

Master of Science in Real Estate id="real-estate"

The Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program thrives on its connection to the real estate industry. Students build a strong network of real estate professionals through the Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center’s advisory board of over 150 members. Board members mentor, meet and host students throughout the 10-month program.

Combination Degrees id="combination"

Heavener to Hough

Combination degrees help students earn an undergraduate and a graduate degree at an accelerated pace. Students in these programs save time and money while graduating from college with a master’s degree in as little as one extra year.

Combination Degrees: An In-depth View

Hear from Allison Gatsche, Assistant Director of Combination Degrees, and Andy Lord, Executive Director of Recruiting, as they deep dive into combination degrees, an accelerated master’s program for current UF students.

This pre-recorded info session provides all the details on what a combination degree offers, the difference between a combination degree and a dual degree, the program options available, prerequisites, next steps, and more!

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Andy Lord
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