Frequently Asked Questions


Full-Time MBA program

Can I be a Full-Time MBA student and take online classes?

The Full-Time program format only administers in-person courses. If you are interested in online courses, we encourage you to check out our Online MBA formats or the Weekend Professional hybrid formats.

Does the University of Florida offer any scholarships to students? If yes, on what basis?

Yes, there are scholarships available to students. If a student is competitive and admitted into one of the Full-Time program formats, the admissions committee will assess them for merit-based scholarships (up to 100% tuition and fees) being awarded at that time. We do not offer any additional graduate assistantships due to our scholarship program.

Does the Full-Time program format start any other term?

Each Full-Time program format starts once per year. The Business Majors program starts every June, the All Majors program starts every May and the Two-Year program starts every August.

Professional MBA program

Can I start in a Weekend Professional format and switch to online?

If a student encounters a hardship or relocation and cannot continue in a weekend professional option, the student can coordinate a transition to the online format. Since the Weekend Professional options enroll once a year, students can also transfer to a different Weekend Professional option and delay enrollment once per year. Given that the professional and Online program formats are cohort driven and lock step in nature, there is no flexibility to alternate enrollment in the Online and Weekend Professional option more than once. Any extenuating circumstances would need to be addressed with student affairs. The course schedule does not allow an Online student to transition to a Weekend Professional option.

Are scholarships offered for the Professional or Online MBA formats?

Most of our Executive, Online and Weekend Professional students get employer support, seek private loans or apply for federal loans if they are a U.S. citizen or resident. Given the ability to earn employer financial support, we do not offer scholarships for our professional students at this time. Learn more about how to gain employer support.

Does the Weekend Professional MBA program start any other term?

Each Weekend Professional MBA format has one enrollment date a year. Our Online program is our most flexible option which starts three times per year.

Student affairs

Can I concentrate my electives in the Professional MBA formats?

Elective concentrations are not offered in our Professional formats at this time, which includes the Online, Weekend Professional, and Executive MBA.

Can I get an MBA in specific fields like healthcare in the Weekend Professional or Online MBA?

Our curriculum focuses on management and leadership to support every student’s professional goals. While we don’t offer areas of focus in our professional formats, the skills gained from UF MBA are transferable across any industry.

Does the program have to be done within two years from the time I start? Can I extend the program longer?

All students are enrolled with a cohort and expected to take the same set of classes together. We understand that personal, medical, family or professional obligations can potentially arise during your time in the program. If you find yourself in a situation that would prevent you from being successful in the program, you can contact your academic advisor to determine if it is possible to withdraw from your cohort and identify the right time to enroll with a different cohort.

Can I accelerate the program by taking more classes?

Each format’s curriculum has been designed to help students balance their work, life and school schedules while earning their MBA and maximizing their experience in the program. Taking additional courses to accelerate the designed program is not recommended or offered at this time.

Can I choose what classes I take?

Each program format has its own curriculum schedule to offer students a balanced understanding of management and leadership. Each of our nine formats offer varying levels of flexibility in terms of course selection and classroom experience. We only offer concentrations in our Full-Time MBA format where students can take any of our 100+ elective courses.

Is this program STEM designated?

Currently, UF MBA is not STEM-designated. The only STEM-designated degree offered at the Warrington College of Business is the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management program.

How much time should I anticipate with the course load for the Executive, Online and Professional formats?

To be successful in the program, the time commitment is an estimated 15-20 hours per week, equivalent to the time commitment of a part-time job.

Can I take individual MBA courses?

At this time, MBA courses are not open to non-degree seeking students and pre-set curriculum must be adhered to.


Can I have an application fee waiver?

The application fee is a requirement of the University of Florida Graduate school and cannot be waived.

Can I apply right after graduating? Do I really need two years of work experience?

Applicants need a minimum of two years of work experience to be eligible for any UF MBA program formats. The only exception is the Executive MBA program, which requires a minimum of eight years. Prospective candidates may use relevant internship experience to count towards eligibility. Having work experience allows for a more diverse and rewarding classroom experience where students learn just as much from their peers as they do our award-winning faculty.

Can I apply to more than one program format?

The admissions committee will consider applicants for all program options with one application. There is no need to submit multiple applications.

How long will it take to hear about my application?

The admissions committee will typically render a decision within 4-6 weeks once your application has been completed for all Professional program formats.

For the Full-Time program formats, an interview will be conducted after the initial assessment of your application before an admissions decision will be made. The admissions committee will typically render a decision within 2-3 months once your application has been completed.

Can I defer admission to a later term?

We typically do not offer deferments and will review requests on a case-by-case basis. We recommend applying for the term in which you intend to enroll.

I have an expired GMAT/GRE score from more than five years ago. Can I still use that for the MBA application?

For program formats requiring a GMAT/GRE score, a current and valid score must be received before the application can be accepted. The length of time that scores are valid varies, and you should check with the test distributor to find out if your score is still valid.

Can I transfer credits to the UF MBA program?

The University of Florida does not accept transfer credits for the MBA program. You would need to complete the full 32- or 48-credit hours for the program you start.

How do I know if the course I’ve taken at another university count towards the requirement on the eligibility checklist?

Feel free to send the admissions team your transcript to ensure eligibility for our programs. If you are unsure if a particular class counts, we can check to make sure you are choosing the MBA program.

Can I take the one-year MBA if I graduated more than seven years ago?

Students must have graduated with a business degree within the last seven years to be eligible for a one-year MBA format. Studies show that curriculum studied as an undergraduate student is irrelevant around seven years. Students with a business degree need a refresher in these courses so that they do not struggle through the program.

What are the eligibility criteria for international students?

Please closely review the University’s specific requirements related to academic records and English proficiency exams (if applicable).

Funding / Other

Do you accept the GI Bill® or other military funding?

If you are active duty or a veteran, we encourage you to connect with UF’s Office of Student Veteran Services to determine your military benefits and how they can be applied to our programs.

What is the fee structure for the program?

Most program fees are due at the beginning of each term, but please review our Financial Information page for more details including payment schedules.

Is the MBA EEP (Employee Education Program) eligible?

The MBA program is not EEP eligible, but our program offers a 22% discount off your tuition portion of your MBA program if you qualify and meet certain state employee requirements.

Does the MBA program accept the State Agency Employee Tuition Waiver?

The State Agency Employee Tuition Waiver is available to qualified employees on a space available basis in the in-residence MBA programs including Executive, South Florida and Weekend Professional. If you are a UF or State employee who wishes to attend a program for which the waiver does not apply we do offer a 22% discount off the tuition portion (certain experiential learning activities excluded) if you qualify and meet specific requirements. Please contact a member of our Admissions staff for additional information.

What is the in-state tuition rate for Executive, Online and Weekend Professional MBAs?

There is no designation between in- and out-of-state tuition for our Professional MBA formats. There is only one program cost for Executive, Online and Weekend Professional formats, regardless of residency.

Why are Professional MBAs more expensive than Full-Time MBAs?

Our Professional formats operate under market-based pricing. After researching other top programs, you will notice UF MBA is one of the highest ranked programs with one of the lowest price tags. There is a convenience to being able to have minimal life disruptions and maintain your income while pursuing an MBA. There are additional costs necessary to run an online and weekend-based program while maintaining the high caliber program and offering world class faculty, professional development opportunities, networking, and business career services in a manner comparable to our Full-Time MBA students.