UF’s MBA program is designed to serve you, our military

In honor of your commitment, we provide you with the opportunity to leverage skills gained on the field toward an academic experience that will prepare you for the business world.

Our MBA program gives you the chance to excel by channeling your military know-how into success in the civilian workforce or career advancement in the military. We encourage you to multiply the impact you have had on the world around you through an education that is first-in-class.

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No. 3
2024 Online MBA Program for Veterans
U.S. News & World Report

UF has proudly worked in the online space for over 20 years and is currently ranked third in the nation for Online MBA Programs for Veterans by U.S. News & World Report.

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Unlock the potential of an affordable education

Post-9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial assistance to America’s military veterans and their families seeking higher education.

The GI Bill can be applied to any of our programs and makes it affordable to get your MBA. Depending on your percentage of eligibility and length of entitlement, the GI Bill can cover all tuition and fees minus any program costs.

We are a Yellow Ribbon school

The Yellow Ribbon program is a provision of the Post-9/11 GI Bill that helps defray the cost of out-of-state fees.

The University of Florida will contribute up to $6,500 per academic year towards these fees. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will match the amount of the UF contribution.

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Benefits that put you first

  • Career services
  • Fees and position lock
  • Set program lengths
  • Flexible options
  • Orientation requirement waived
  • Military evaluations accepted in lieu of recommendation letters

Continue to make a difference with the Online MBA

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Balance your education, work and personal life by enjoying the flexibility of an online education. The Warrington College of Business Online MBA program makes it possible to earn an MBA from a top-ranked business school, no matter where you live, without having to relocate or disrupt your lifestyle.

Online formats

There are two online formats that allow you to pursue your MBA from anywhere in the world.

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1 Year

Our accelerated option

This 16-month online option is an accelerated program for those who have an undergraduate degree in business and have graduated in the last seven years. This is one of the quickest ways to get your MBA at UF.

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2 Year

For those with limited time

This 24-month online option is recommended for students with time constraints. Course work averages 15 hours per week, and consists of asynchronous lectures, class readings, individual and group assignments.

Is it your plan to keep working?

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As a working professional you may be pressed for time, taking on the day-to-day responsibilities of a full-time job during the week. Our part-time, weekend programs, provide the answer — study and work at the same time.

Weekend part-time formats

These formats are as robust as our full-time MBA formats with the added flexibility of being able to attend school on the weekends.

A man smiles in a classroom as other students in the background do the same

1 Year

For those with an undergraduate business degree

This 16-month weekend part-time program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in business earned within the previous seven years, it requires one weekend visit to campus per month.

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2 Year

For those without an undergraduate business degree

This 24-month weekend part-time program, tailored for students from any academic background, requires one weekend visit to campus per month.

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2 Year

Our weekend, part-time program in South Florida

This 24-month weekend part-time program in South Florida requires one weekend visit to the Miramar Tech campus every three weeks. Enjoy the flexibility of an MBA in your own backyard.

Executive MBA

This program is tailored to those who have already assumed high-ranking positions in their careers.

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2 Year

For those with leadership experience

The Executive 21-month program is meant for executives with a minimum of eight years of professional work experience combined with management and leadership experience.

Looking to put your boots on the ground?

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There are three full-time on-campus formats meant for those with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who are looking for a rich on-campus experience.

Complete immersion in real-time classes built by recognized faculty are at the foundation of the on-campus experience, while, peer-to-peer interaction offers the unique opportunity to network with students and alumni — your fellow business gators.

On-campus formats

A man looks up at the presentation with other students and a U.S. flag on the wall in the background

1 Year

For those with an undergraduate business degree

This ten-month on-campus format is tailored for students with an undergraduate business degree earned within the previous seven years, this format is the quickest way to get your MBA.

The instructor speaks to the classroom while students listen

1 Year

For those without an undergraduate degree in business

This 12-month on-campus format is designed for students from any undergraduate background, this format provides a background of basic business classes, as well as the in-depth courses to help you grow your career.

A woman in a classroom listens to the instructor as a man in the background also listens

2 Year

For those looking for full-immersion without an undergraduate degree in business

This 24-month on-campus format is built for students from any undergraduate background, this format takes 22 months to give students a deep dive into the business world.

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Important deadlines

October 15: Full-Time MBA
November 1: Online MBA

How does UF’s MBA program help in the transition to civilian careers?

Numbers speak louder than words


Average salary increase
Job prospects for veterans with an MBA from Warrington College of Business are in high demand.

Experience unmatched career support

  • Career exploration
  • Strategic job search
  • Networking
  • Resume preparation
  • Ongoing support

Common employers include:

  • Accenture
  • citibank
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • lockheed martin
  • NextEra Energy
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Protor and Gamble
  • Raytheon


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Chester Hungate

CPT Chester Hungate

MBA student

The UF MBA program’s best-kept secret lies in its dedicated investment of resources into students’ careers after completion of the program. This commitment to supporting career aspirations is a valuable aspect that sets UF apart.

U.S. Army (MBA '24)

Meet Houston Bailey, Your Dedicated Career Coach

We understand the unique challenges you may face when navigating the job market and planning your post-military path. That’s why we offer a dedicated veteran career coach as part of our MBA program.

Your veteran career coach brings a wealth of experience in guiding you through the process of exploring various job prospects and ultimately securing a fulfilling civilian career.

They will work closely with you throughout your MBA journey, providing personalized advice, resources, and support tailored to your specific goals and aspirations.

Placeholder 16 by 9

Houston spent 16 years in the US Air Force, first as an enlisted member and later as a commissioned officer.

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