Study Abroad

Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing students are eligible to participate in any of the Hough Graduate School study abroad opportunities at one of our 30 foreign partner universities. Studying abroad can be an exciting experience giving students an opportunity to expand their global horizons and add an international component to their degree.

Students who study abroad can choose from a variety of business or related courses (international affairs, law, and more) depending on location of study. This enables students to tailor the program to a specific area of interest. Students should be aware that a program abroad could potentially delay their graduation a semester; however, short term summer options are also available.

Study abroad programs vary in length:

  • Summer: 1-5 weeks
  • Fall/Spring: 3-6 months

Interested applicants should email their program advisor as early as possible to discuss their plans and arrange their UF courses accordingly. The foreign study options are run though the MIB (Master of International Business) Director, Ana Portocarrero, she will work with you to find an appropriate option. Each semester prior to study abroad application deadlines an announcement will be posted in your program’s canvas site with details about essential action items and deadlines.