Combination JD / MSF

Under the combination degree program, a student can obtain both degrees in approximately a year less time than it would take to obtain both degrees if pursued consecutively.

Students already accepted to UF’s Levin College of Law may apply to the MSF Program for a Combination JD/ MSF arrangement. Students enrolled in a PhD program at UF may apply for a Non-Traditional degree arrangement that allows students with permission from their PhD department to simultaneously work towards the MSF degree. If accepted to either the Combination or Non-Traditional MSF Programs, the students may apply 12 of the credits taken in the JD or PhD program towards the MSF degree, reducing the MSF degree from 32 credits to 20. Combination degree students may not graduate from either program until they have met all graduation requirements for both degrees; then, they graduate from both programs at the same time.

Courses and Curriculum

Combination JD/MSF students graduate from the MSF Program at the same time they graduate from law school. Some of the credits will be shared between the two degrees, reducing the number of credits required for the MSF degree. These students will work out their individual course plans once accepted to the MSF program.