Exploring Financial Economics

The Exploring Financial Economics program (EFE) engages first-year students in identifying internship and career fit through weekly workshops, panels, and lectures.

Most full-time job placements result from junior summer internships. This program provides foundational knowledge of different industry areas in finance and prepares students to make timely and complicated career decisions.

EFE is an extracurricular program. It is free for students to join, does not provide course credit, and does not require a formal application or registration fee.

Although EFE is a natural fit for finance majors, it is open to non-finance undergraduate students who intend to pursue a finance-related combination degree program in the Warrington College of Business.

Stephanie Fajre

Stephanie Fajre
EFE Program Facilitator
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Curriculum & Timeline id="curriculum"

Team-Based Learning

Students are grouped for discussions at tables in a classroom

Lessons incorporate the Team-Based Learning approach and a “Learn, Think, Decide” structure. Lessons are sequential and include pre-reading, assessments, direct instruction, and post-assignments. Students join a cohort of like-minded peers and work in teams to engage in discussions and complete activities that correspond with that week’s lesson.

EFE Lessons

Students listen to a lecture in a classroom

Through the lessons in EFE, students will:

  • Learn about the different areas of industry in finance
  • Decide if EFE participation is valuable
  • Construct an industry-appropriate resume
  • Determine the best educational path for top candidacy and internship performance
  • Maximize networking and enhance written and verbal communication
  • Build a foundation for behavioral interview preparation
  • Map personal values to jobs in finance
  • Create and maintain a routine for following markets
  • Enhance decision making and career discernment abilities
  • Engage in academic lessons and workshops

Recommended Timeline

First YearParticipate in one semester of core lessons in the EFE program
Second and Third YearJoin Finance Professional Development Program (FPD) for area-specific preparation and professional development
Third Year SummerComplete internship
Final YearReturn to campus having accepted a full-time offer and volunteer to lead EFE panels and industry group activities

Class of 2025 Testimonials id="testimonials"

Students seated around tables listen to someone talking across the room

Coming into college as a freshman finance student, I had no idea which direction I wanted to take or what careers even existed for that matter. EFE was able to provide me with exactly what I needed as a student, and my goals have become significantly clearer over the course of this semester.

I started with absolutely no idea what I could do in finance or what I was interested in; I actually remember writing about these concerns in one of our earliest assignments in EFE. But now, I can confidently say I know what most finance jobs entail… I genuinely can’t express how grateful I am to have had this experience.

I have learned so much, and I can see myself using the skills and information taught over the past months throughout college and into my career. The last few sessions were particularly helpful as I appreciate speaking to industry experts and older students who can offer a perspective that is hard to find elsewhere.

Supplemental Resources id="resources"

Students attend a values panel in a classroom

In addition to the facilitator-led lessons, EFE participants will have access to the following:

  • Recorded interviews with seniors discussing their summer internships in:
    • Asset Management
    • Consulting
    • Commercial and Corporate Client Banking
    • Corporate Finance
    • Equity Research
    • Investment Banking
    • Sales and Trading
    • Wealth Management
    • And more!
  • Office hour sessions to discuss decision making and resume building with Mrs. Fajre
  • Introductions to older students and finance student organizations
  • Resource Library that includes:
    • Bulletin board with links to resources, certification opportunities, student organization meetings, and other pertinent information
    • Templates for emails, elevator pitch, resume, and interview preparation
    • Announcements for first-year early identification and diversity programs

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Requirements and Expectations:

  • EFE may be started during the first week of either the fall or spring semester. Due to the early hiring timelines, students are highly encouraged to complete EFE during their first year.
  • Students should dedicate about 3-4 hours per week to scheduled lessons and instructional materials during their first semester of EFE.
  • Successful completion of the program requires consistent attendance, submission of assignments, and tangible signs of development.
  • Upon completion of EFE, students continue their development in the Finance Professional Development Program (FPD).
  • Current second-year, third-year, or transfer students should contact Mrs. Fajre to confirm their timeline before submitting the registration form.