Track: Fixed Income

Partnered with Securities Analysis Club

Students in the Fixed Income track will complete relevant training put forth by its advisors. Fixed Income is heavily market based, so students will gain experience generating views and public speaking. Track graduates will understand the role of Fixed Income in the economy at the macro and micro level, learn to follow markets, conduct risk analysis, and perform financial modeling (e.g., 3-statement, comparables (credit ratios), cash flow modeling, yield curve analysis). The track benefits students in many dimensions:

  • Have a better understanding of fixed income and the roles that exist
  • Organize and prepare for interviews
  • Successfully obtain an internship
  • Learn how to follow markets and generate a view
  • Improve confidence, professionalism, and public speaking


Student Leaders

  • Andrew Lagrotta
    Andrew Lagrotta


  • Katherine Bi-Ji
    Katherine Bi-Ji

    Vice President

  • Sydney Bennett
    Sydney Bennett

    Treasurer and Internal Relations

Student Advisory Board

Faculty Advisor

Industry Advisor

  • Sam Bodman
    Sam Bodman

    Trading Assistant at Garda Capital Partners

  • Jeremy Niedfeldt
    Jeremy Niedfeldt

    Municipal Advisor, PFM

  • Zack Ellison
    Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA

    Managing General Partner, Applied Real Intelligence


Weekly meetings covering:

  • Weekly Meetings
    • 5-Week Fixed Income Course
    • Technical training by Wall Street Prep
    • Professional Guest Speakers
    • Presentations
    • Networking
  • Morning Market Talks (15-30min)
  • Mentor and internship prep resources
  • Networking night (end of semester)
  • Career Preparation and Readiness
    • Resume, LinkedIn, personal brand development
    • Technical mock interviews and internship search


  • TBD

Corporate Site Visits & Alumni Engagement:

  • NYC | April
    • Garda Capital Partners
    • Fixed Income Analysts Society

5-Week Fixed Income Course Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Fixed Income Introduction
    • What is Fixed Income?
    • Overview of Bond Market
    • What role does it play in the economy?
    • How does it affect the markets?
    • Roles that exist
  • Week 2: Fixed Income in Action
    • Overview of different instruments (Revolver, Investment Grade, High Yield, ABS, Mezzanine, etc.)
    • Explain different job roles and their description
  • Week 3: Economics
    • Time Value of Money
    • Overview of Interest Rates
    • Yield Curve
    • Federal Reserve
    • Economic Crises
    • Inflation
    • Bond Math (Price, Yields)
  • Week 4: Follow the Markets
    • Learn how to consistently understand and follow the markets
    • Important economic indicators
    • Understanding the Yield Curve
    • Introduction to Probability in rates
  • Week 5: Bond Valuation
    • Risk-Free Rate
    • Understanding Risk and Spreads (Risk Free rate, credit risk, liquidity risk, term premium, etc.)
    • Use probability to understand investors view on the market
    • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Additional Advanced Topics: Duration, Convexity, Swaps, Options