Track: FinTech

The FinTech track prepares students for careers in the growing combination of technology and financial services. The members will enhance the relevant skills through a program of workshops, projects, training resources, site visits, and engagement of industry professionals. Students in FinTech track will complete training to develop a solid understanding of the foundations of FinTech and its recent developments. Students will be expected to use a programming language to implement data analytics in financial applications. The track also activates UF’s vast alumni base and engages employers to create new opportunities and establish a pipeline of qualified graduates entering various areas of FinTech.


Student Leader

Faculty Advisor

Industry Advisor

  • Erin Allard
    Erin Allard

    President, Prism Data

  • Bruno Lulinski
    Bruno Lulinski

    Investment Partner
    Dorm Room Fund

  • Brian Beach
    Brian Beach

    President, Beachside Strategy

  • Puneet Bhargava
    Puneet Bhargava

    Chief Architect, Securities Services Tech, Citi


Weekly meetings covering:

  • Professional Skills and Leadership Development
    • Workshops (3 per semester)
      • Financial Institution Basics
      • Cloud Functionality
      • Cybersecurity
      • Data Analytics
      • Programming (e.g., Python, R, SAS)
      • Machine Learning Applications in Finance
      • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
      • Software Concept Visualization
      • Artificial Intelligence
    • Professional Guest speakers (2 per semester)
    • Career Prep & Networking (1 per semester)
    • Organizational meeting (2 per semester)
    • Networking night (end of semester)

Conferences and Corporate Visits (1 per year min):