Track: Venture Capital

Partnered with Warrington Ventures

The Venture Capital track, in partnership with Warrington Ventures, strives to educate students on the fundamentals of private capital with an emphasis on Growth Equity and Venture Capital. Warrington Ventures leverages the expertise of its student members, faculty, UF Innovate, and UF’s own vast network of professional alumni to curate a curriculum with the intent to empower and equip undergraduates to succeed on a buy-side career path. Members of WV practice networking, interpersonal skill-building, and repertoire expansion in areas including Valuation, Asset Allocation, and Portfolio Management in an experiential learning format.


Student Leaders

Faculty Advisors

Industry Advisors

  • Zack Ellison
    Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA

    Managing General Partner, Applied Real Intelligence

  • Vinny Olmstead
    Vinny Olmstead

    Managing Director & Founder, Vocap Investment Partners


  • Workshops & group projects – working with startups
  • Following and discussing latest IPO and M&A deals
  • Wall Street Prep & Bloomberg training
  • Analyzing firms using PitchBook
  • Career Prep & Networking


  • Florida Venture Capital Conference | February | Miami
  • Atlanta Ventures: Atlanta Startup Convos | December | Atlanta
  • Space Coast Forum