Finance Professional Development

The Finance Professional Development Program (FPD) starts with a one-semester Exploring Financial Economics (EFE) course, followed by the extended FPD Track program.

EFE offers essential knowledge across finance industries, aiding finance majors in making informed career choices. Contact Stephanie Fajre for EFE details.

FPD Tracks enhances specialization through experiential learning:

  • Weekly Track meetings
    • Workshops, technical training
    • Guest speakers & Networking
  • Case Competitions
  • Conferences, site visits
  • Alumni involvement

While EFE completion is recommended before FPD Track, concurrent participation is allowed.


Students, alumni & friends, employers, faculty & staff

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Join a track for additional development, networking, and leadership opportunities:

  • Enhance technical skills in your area of interest
  • Meet peers with similar passion
  • Engage industry professionals
  • Travel for competitions, conferences, and site visits
  • Expand your professional network

Alumni & Friends

Join our mission in elevating our students:

  • Advise tracks & mentor students
  • Participate in workshops & panels
  • Assist with internships and externships
  • Attend or host alumni receptions
  • Support site visits or corporate projects
  • Provide financial support


Tracks empower you to recruit with precision. We offer engagement and recruitment opportunities year-round:

  • Networking (Aug – Sept)
    • Get to know new students as they choose their track
  • Workshops (Sept-Oct)
    • Industry experts training and mentoring students
  • Campus Reception (April)
    • End-of-year reception with an alumni panel discussion
  • Career Search (Sept-Oct / Jan-Feb)
    • Career fairs, info sessions, workshops, site visits
  • Sponsored Visits (Oct-April)
    • Conferences, tours, and corporate engagement
  • Dream Chasing! (May+)
    • Students head out on their journeys

Faculty & Staff

Create transformational experiences beyond the classroom. Partner with alumni, friends, and employers to elevate students’ development:

  • Advise tracks & mentor students
  • Participate in workshops & panel discussions
  • Bring or become a speaker
  • Promote our program values:
    • Growth mindset
    • Camaraderie
    • Grit
    • Leadership
    • Preparedness
    • Humility

Thank you to many of our industry advisors for the program, including:

  • Lisa Coleman
    Lisa Coleman

    Board Director, Executive Coach, Leadership Development at Lisa Coleman Advisory Services

  • Alex Abreu
    Alex Abreu

    Managing Director at J.P. Morgan