Center Directors

All Warrington centers report to the AUH of the department/school with which they are affiliated. The exceptions are Public Utility Research Center (PURC) and Management Communication Center (MCC), which report directly to the Sr. Associate Dean.

  • Appointment of Center Directors. Appointment of a full-time faculty member as Center Director will follow the following process. The process begins with a nomination/recommendation to the College Dean from the chair/director of the unit with which the center is affiliated. Center directors are appointed by the Dean or his designee for a three-year term. Renewal of appointment is subject to review and recommendation by the chair/director and the Dean.
  • Each Center Director will submit an annual report during the Spring of each year.
  • FAR & Effort – Center Director activity/service should be included on the employee’s Faculty Assignment Report (FAR) and Effort Report. Official UF duties should be reported each semester on the Faculty Assignment Report (duties being “assigned” before each term begins) and Effort Report (what is reported as “actual” effort after each term has ended) – Only what is reported via these processes should be included in a faculty member’s annual evaluation.
  • Faculty Annual Reports should include center activity (IV. A. Leadership Positions Held)
    • Copies of the Center Annual Report should be included with the submission of the Faculty Annual Report.
  • A periodic administrative review process is currently being developed. (This would be similar to and coincide with our current Administrative Review processes for AUH and PDs.) Continuation as a Center Director will be based on the needs of the college, recommendation of the chair/director and the outcomes of the Administrative review.
    • Initially these reviews will be set-up to follow the same cycle as the previous UF 5-year Center Evaluations (discontinued in 2018)

Current directors will serve until Fall 2022 at which time new appointees will start their three-year terms.