Full-Time MBA UF MBA Ambassadors

UF MBA Ambassadors provide prospective students with first-hand knowledge into the life of a UF MBA student. They can answer questions about the program, student experience and what can be expected during life as a student at UF MBA. Prospective students are encouraged to reach out to the ambassadors to learn what life is like in the program.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Consumer Product Goods, Finance

    Clubs involved in: AVP of Finance for MBAA, Graduate and Career Peer Mentor, Finance Club, Athletics Tailgate Chair

    Why UF? I chose UF because the Gator network is so strong and large. I also love the size of the program and the family feel within it. Once a gator, always a gator.

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  • Aderibigbe (Ade) Adeyemo
    Ade Adeyemo

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Consulting, Technology, Energy

    Clubs involved in: Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Network Development Outreach chair, Black Students in Business, Consulting Club

    Why UF? I have always wanted a competitive program with small class size and high ROI. UF MBA program ticked all those boxes. Makes it an easy choice to be part of the Gator Nation.

  • Ivan Aguirre
    Ivan Aguirre

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Energy

    Clubs involved in: MBAA, Speech Club, Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA)

    Why UF? My passion for learning and the value of education UF offers as a top Full-Time MBA school, their #1 ranking in MBA full-time career services, and self-achievement.

  • Carter Bright
    Carter Bright

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: CPG, Tech, Pharmaceuticals/Biotech

    Clubs involved in: Gator MBA Gear – VP of Operations and Logistics

    Why UF? I am a double Gator, having done my bachelor’s in chemical engineering, so it was not a hard sell to get me back. However, the Business Career Services’ accolades really sold me on the program. The small cohort size was also a major component.


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    Kevin Campbell

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Management Consulting

    Clubs involved in: Strategy & Consulting Club (President), Out@Warrington, JAMBA

    Why UF? I chose to come to the University of Florida due to their small class size, great relationships that I developed with Ambassadors in the program, as well as a generous financial aid package.

  • Daniel Elkes
    Dan Elkes

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Pharmacy Health-System Administration

    Clubs involved in: GatorFit President, JAMBA, Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP), MBAA Intramural Chair

    Why UF? Dual degree combining top-10 PharmD and MBA programs to create a unique learning experience.

  • Owen Elliott
    Owen Elliott

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Insurance, CPG, or Financial Services

    Clubs involved in: Strategy and Consulting, Golf, Finance, Data Analytics

    Why UF? Greatest ROI and top-ranked career services

  • Meily Wu Fung
    Meily Wu Fung

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Apparel, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail

    Clubs involved in: Diversity and Inclusion, Hispanic Business Student Association, Women in Business, OUT@Warrington, Black Business Student Association, Veterans Association, Gator MBAbility Club, and Strategy and Consulting Club

    Why UF? The small class sizes and high placement rates were the primary factors in me choosing the UF MBA!

  • Joseph Gough
    Joseph Gough

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Apparel, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail

    Clubs involved in: Finance

    Why UF? The top-ranked career services, the high ROI, and the small class size.

  • Joshua Jacobs
    Josh Jacobs

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry:

    Clubs involved in: The John Marshall Bar Association, JAMBA, Journal of Technology Law and Policy, Jewish Law Students Association

    Why UF? The ability to do a dual degree in three years was crucial to my decision. The friendliness of every student made my decision incredibly easy. I love the community here.

  • Dallas Keeney
    Dallas Keeney

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Hospitality or Tech

    Clubs involved in: I am VP of Athletics and Wellness, oversee Golf Club, GatorFit, Wellness activities, Football games, and tailgates

    Why UF? It’s the best school in the state of Florida and the return on investment is unrivaled.

  • Brendan Lewis
    Brendan Lewis

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Energy

    Clubs involved in: UF Veterans Association President

    Why UF? The top-ranked career services and a strong ROI.

  • Nathan Mechulan
    Nathan Mechulan

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Consumer Packaged Goods industry, specifically Food and Beverage companies

    Clubs involved in: Marketing Club (President), Hispanic Business Student Association, MBAA Board (Cohort Rep), Strategy and Consulting Club

    Why UF? Coming back as a Double Gator, I am proud to come back to pursue my MBA through the University of Florida. The competitive and individualized focus of the UF Full-Time MBA program aligned with my desires in an MBA program. I am incredibly thankful to have made so many meaningful relationships with students and staff so quick into the program.

  • Alexandrea Perkins
    Alexandrea Perkins

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Healthcare

    Clubs involved in: Black Business Student Association, Out@warrington, Women in Business, and VP of Network Development

    Why UF? I wanted a small class size.

  • Charline Pommeret
    Charline Pommeret

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Technology, Energy, Healthcare

    Clubs involved in: VP of Diversity and Inclusion, MBA Global, Hispanic Business Student Association, Women in Business, OUT@Warrington, Black Business Student Association, Veterans Association, and Jewish Association of MBAs

    Why UF? The educational excellence, empowering leadership opportunities & diverse cultural community at UF are unmatched. The UF MBA program’s small program size, unparallel career services, high placements rates and faculty experts I encountered inspired me to apply and I could not be more proud to be a Gator!

  • Nikita Shahidadpury
    Nikita Shahidadpury

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Pharmaceutical Industry

    Clubs involved in: Women in Business, MBAA Wellness Chair (2021-2022), Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society, American Pharmacists.

    Why UF? UF offered me the unique opportunity to complete a dual-degree with my Pharm.D. program. I have also previously completed my B.S. in Biochemistry at UF. UF fosters excellence, an optimal learning environment, and cares about the success of its students. I was drawn to the networking opportunities, small class sizes, and individualized approach offered by the UF MBA program. By completing a dual Pharm.D./MBA degree, I am able to focus on my professional goal of becoming not only a skilled pharmacist, but a worthy business leader. I am very honored to be a triple Gator!

  • Thomas Venezia
    Thomas Venezia

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: Human Capital

    Clubs involved in: Human Capital Club, Public Speaking Club

    Why UF? I chose UF because the BCS team here has a deeply vested interest to best prepare incoming MBA students as future leaders in the world of business.

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams

    LinkedIn | Email

    Desired industry: CPG, Technology, Finance

    Clubs involved in: Gala Chair, Public Relations Chair, Wine & Whiskey Club, Women in Business Club, OUT@Warrington, Human Capital Club, GatorFit

    Why UF? I have a strong, proud history with UF (undergrad) and UF very clearly had the best ROI available – I could graduate without debt and immediately into a job where I would be making more than double what I made before the program.

Frequently Asked Questions id="faqs"

Do you have questions about the admissions process or application steps?

Contact the admissions office via email or visit the MBA Apply page.

Ways Ambassadors Can Help

Can I ask the ambassador how they balance academics and everything else in life?

Yes! Our ambassadors are your best resource to understanding the time commitments to being successful in an MBA program while maintaining important relationships outside of the academic experience.

Can I ask the ambassador why they choose UF MBA?

Yes, this is exactly why our ambassadors exist! Choosing an MBA program is a big decision and they’ve been in your position before. Ask them to share their stories, you may find you have a lot in common!

Can I ask the ambassador what some fun activities are in the area?

Absolutely! Ambassadors and staff can help you get a feel for life in Gainesville including the best eats, outdoor activities, and gameday favorites; even late-night study spots. Our ambassadors will be a great resource for these types of questions.

Can I request a meeting with an ambassador?

Yes, you are more than welcome to reach out to our ambassadors. As their time permits, they may be available to meet with you virtually or via phone (their preference). Meetings should focus on experiential questions are outlined in these FAQs.

How soon should I expect a response from an ambassador?

Please keep in mind our ambassadors are current MBA students. These students have volunteered their time to be a resource for you while maintaining a rigorous curricular and co-curricular schedule. Please allow for 48- to 96-hour response times during the academic year (ambassadors may be unavailable during break weeks to maintain appropriate work-life balance).

When to Talk with Admissions Instead

Can I ask the ambassador if my work experience is competitive enough to apply?

Work experience questions should be reserved for admissions staff members. These individuals are best positioned to provide feedback on work experience competitiveness.

Can I ask the ambassador if my GMAT score is competitive for admission?

Questions about the strength, components, or documents in your application should be directed to admissions staff only.

Can an ambassador review my resume?

Most likely, no. While our ambassadors have great insight into the resume creation process, we want to make sure that prospective students are saving this engagement piece for our staff members. Remember, work experience and application documents should be saved for staff members.

Can an ambassador write a letter of recommendation for me?

Recommendation letters should come from professional recommenders, or UF MBA alumni. Current students cannot serve as one of your recommendation letters.

Can I schedule an in-person meeting/tour with an ambassador?

All in-person meeting or tour requests are managed by MBA staff. Please reach out to a staff member for more information.