Program Formats

We know that there are many things to consider when it comes to selecting the right MBA format. We can help you define what UF MBA experience might best fit your needs with our Find MY UF MBA quiz. You can also review and compare all the program formats at a glance or use our format filtering tool to help you drill down to your best fit. Get started!

Which is your UF MBA?

Love the idea of being a student on a vibrant campus?

Full-Time MBA

Three on-campus formats designed for individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who are looking for deeper immersion and a rich on-campus experience.

  • One-Year: 10 months, undergraduate business degrees within 7 years
  • One-Year: 12 months, any academic undergraduate degree
  • Two-Year: 22 months, any academic undergraduate degree

The Full-Time option is offering 100% tuition scholarships.

Need maximum flexibility?

Online MBA

The online format provides individuals with maximum flexibility to pursue their MBA from anywhere in the world.

Plan to keep working? Are you a business leader?

Weekend Professional MBA

Three weekend formats that allow you to keep your job and pursue your MBA.

Executive MBA

Designed for today’s busy business leaders.

  • 21 months, any academic undergraduate degree
  • Eight or more years of work experience in a high-ranking leadership role with titles like Vice President, Senior Director, CEO and Doctor.


Find your UF MBA

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Compare Full-time MBA Formats

Full-Time MBA (Residential)Bachelor’s DegreeClasses MeetLengthTuition & Fees
Full-Time:Two-YearAny MajorMon - Fri20 MonthsResident: $26,473
Non-resident: $61,260
Full-Time: One-Year: All MajorsAny MajorMon - Fri12 MonthsResident: $17,982
Non-resident: $41,173
Full-Time: One-Year: Business MajorsBusiness within 7 yearsMon - Fri10 MonthsResident: $17,982
Non-resident: $41,173

Compare Part-time MBA Formats

Weekend Professional, Online & Executive MBABachelor’s DegreeClasses MeetLengthTuition & Fees
Weekend Professional: One-YearBusiness
within 7 years
Sat & Sun
once per month
12 Months$49,204.80
Online One-YearBusiness
within 7 years
On-campus orientation required12 Months$49,205
Outreach Engineering Management/One-YearTechnicalSat & Sun
once per month
32 Months-
Outreach Engineering Management/Online
TechnicalSat & Sun
once per 4 months*
32 Months-
Weekend Professional: Two-YearAny MajorSat & Sun
once per month
24 Months$59,807.52
Online: Two-YearAny MajorOnline24 Months$59,807.52
Weekend Professional: Two-Year South FloridaAny MajorSat & Sun
Every 3rd Week
24 Months$66,807.36
ExecutiveAny MajorSat & Sun
once per month
21 Months$62,807.52

*Visits once every four months take place on a Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday you are completing a term, taking final exams, etc. On Sunday you are beginning a new term and meeting your new faculty. This requires two visits to campus for every four month term.