Team Leaders

Leadership is a purposeful, collaborative, values-driven process, instead of a title or position. Leaders commit to improving the groups or communities of which they are part. In this approach to leadership, a “leader” is anyone who wants to work with others to make a difference. This collaborative process means that teams must have trust and requires that team members act in ways that are consistent with their own beliefs and values as well as the group’s goals.

As individuals who have learned this approach to leadership as members of LDP, Team Leaders take on the role of guiding new LDP participants through the Heavener competencies and the community service project. They demonstrate a commitment to embody the values related to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in LDP and the Heavener Community.

Being a Team Leader in the Leadership Development Program is a semester-long commitment. They are responsible for leading a new cohort of participants in the fall or spring semester and are matched into teams of 3 or 4 before facilitating a group each semester. Team Leaders are responsible for communicating with their small group consistently, attending LDP social events and Big Meetings, and setting the tone of LDP’s culture and community in their respective teams and throughout Warrington.

Spring 2024 Team Leaders

  • Aya Aldorri
  • Jake Braun
  • Eileen Dixon
  • Lilah Edwards
  • Averie Engel
  • Jessica Friedman
  • Elizabeth Goodfellow
  • Madelyn Marcellus
  • Nadia Matouka
  • Neha Menezes
  • Alyssa Mullings
  • Ciara Ramm
  • Armstrong Reid
  • Carly Rutgliano
  • Matthew Selbach
  • Jack Schuck
  • Victoria Verity
  • Gregory Wareham
  • Sophie Yoder
  • Justin Zeltzer