Meet the Team

The E-Board is a dedicated team of seasoned student leaders from the Warrington College of Business Administration. They are responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating innovations in the LDP program. Additionally, they serve as mentors to LDP Team Leaders and Members by facilitating discussions, leading activities, and building relationships with participants to encourage both personal and professional growth.

  • Lauren Richter
    Lauren Richter

    Executive Director
    Hometown: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    Major(s): Marketing, Master of International Business
    What I gained from LDP: “LDP has not only taught me the invaluable lessons of how to be a leader, but how to use that knowledge to lead others. Over the last 4 years, LDP has laid the foundation for me to confidently set goals and guidelines for our 80 Team Members, helping them grow through the Social Change Model of leadership.”

  • Nikki Shukla
    Nikki Shukla

    Recruitment Director
    Hometown: Solon, OH
    Major(s): Information Systems
    Minor(s): Retailing, Statistics; AI Certificate
    What I gained from LDP: “I joined LDP as a Team Member my freshman year, and learned about the “8 C’s” from The Social Change Model that make a strong leader. I then continued on to be a Team Leader & joined the Executive Board my sophomore and junior years, where I gained the opportunity to apply those C’s! I’ve also developed lasting friendships, and from a professional standpoint, I gained important hard and soft skills that shaped me into becoming a better leader once I enter the workforce!”

  • Iris Frost
    Iris Frost

    Engagement Director
    Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
    Major(s): Economics
    Minor(s): Professional Selling, Business Administration, Anthropology; AI Certificate
    What I gained from LDP: “Throughout my time in LDP, I’ve developed my public speaking skills, taken initiative more often, and really gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. LDP also has a great culture – everyone here cares about the growth of others and it’s a very welcoming and creative space that I love being a part of.”

  • James Wachter
    James Wachter

    Engagement Director
    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major(s): MS-Marketing
    Minor(s): Professional Selling
    What I gained from LDP: “Throughout my experience in LDP, I have better understood the essentials of leading a team. I have grown close to many who have gone through the program and strengthened my ability to implement positive change throughout the Gainesville community. Always looking to better our team, I have developed a firm belief in applied optimism as an effective tool for leadership.”

  • Haley Park
    Haley Park

    Community Service Director
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    Major(s): Information Systems, Master of International Business
    What I gained in LDP: “I have leveraged public speaking skills when leading big meetings in front of all members, contributing to confidence. I have also found a community of like-minded people who provide advice, I can learn from, and also are great friends to rely on!”

  • Samantha Feijoo
    Samantha Feijoo

    Marketing Director
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    Major(s): Business Administration, specializing in International Studies
    What I gained from LDP: “The Leadership Development Program has gone beyond offering me an opportunity to refine my own leadership skills; it has instilled in me valuable lessons that will guide me in all my future endeavors. The program’s emphasis on the power of service in developing leadership skills becomes most effective when its members adopt a collective aspiration to collaboratively effect positive change. To foster this shared vision, I have learned that a truly successful leader does not just aim to direct followers, but rather, to connect, inspire, and grow other leaders. This lesson has been transformative because it has shown me that the reward of one’s leadership efforts does not lie within one’s own successes, but rather in the advancement of those you lead. It is in their contributions to the community, to the future of our organization, to other organizations within the Heavener School of Business, and beyond, that the true impact of leadership is realized.”

  • Alicia Blasini
    Alicia Blasini

    Inclusive Excellence Director
    Hometown: Orlando, FL
    Major(s): Marketing
    Minor(s): Professional Selling
    What I gained from LDP: “Throughout my time in LDP I learned invaluable skills in team management, effective communication, and strategic decision-making. This program equipped me with the ability to inspire and motivate diverse teams while fostering an inclusive and innovative team culture. I also developed a deeper understanding of my leadership style, allowing me to lead with confidence and adaptability in various professional settings.”