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Mentee Application

Eligibility: Freshmen, sophomores and transfer students who are business majors, minors, or exploratory are eligible apply.

LDP is a semesterly program where you can apply to be a mentee in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Unlike other CLP Programs, meetings will occur in small mentee groups run by a team of Competency Development Facilitators. All mentee groups will come together for social events and specific meetings. Due to the nature of these groups, mentees will be encouraged to talk outside of LDP meetings and get to know their group members. In addition to group activities, mentees are expected to watch videos shared by their facilitators and complete tasks in Gator Ready.

Spring 2021 Application Timeline:

  • Application Opens: November 2nd, 2020
  • Application Deadline: November 30th, 2020, 11:59pm

Competency Development Facilitators

Being a Competency Development Facilitator in the Leadership Development Program is a 2 semester-long commitment. CDFs will lead a new class of mentees in the fall, spring, and/or summer semesters. The CDFs will be divided into teams and matched with a group of mentees each semester, where they will work together to personalize how they conduct their trainings and present the competency development curriculum. CDFs are responsible for communicating with their small group on a consistent basis, attending LDP social events and retreats, and forming a sense of community among mentees throughout the semester.

Applications for CDF are currently closed for Spring 2021.

Advisory Board

  • Molly Matilsky
    Molly Matilsky

    Executive Director
    Major: General Business, Minor: Innovation, Mass Communications

  • No photo
    Joy Sohn

    Director of Operations and Finance
    Major: Finance, Minor: Actuarial Science

  • Stephanie Bancroft
    Stephanie Bancroft

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion
    Major: Finance, Minor: Entrepreneurship, Professional Selling

  • No photo
    Sher Farooqi

    Director of Marketing and Social Media
    Major: Information Systems

  • Raegan Fink
    Raegan Fink

    Director of Internal Membership
    Major: Management, Minor: Leadership, Retailing

  • Daryl Sutherland
    Daryl Sutherland

    Director of External Programming
    Major: Management, Minor: Innovation

  • Sebastian Carson
    Sebastian Carson

    Director of Curriculum and Competency Development
    Major: Finance, Minor: Real Estate