Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. in Business Administration Marketing students
  • Charis Li
    Charis Li

    5th year
    Research interests: charitable giving, choice architecture, self-other relationship
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  • Lana (Xianglan) Nan
    Lana (Xianglan) Nan

    3rd year
    Research Interests: judgment and decision making, goals and motivation
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  • Sang Kyu Park
    Sang Kyu Park

    3rd year
    Research Interests: money and time perception, framing, metacognitive inferences
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  • Camilla Song
    Camilla Song

    3rd year
    Research interests: identity, morality, prosocial behavior, creativity
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  • Man Xie
    Man Xie

    3rd year
    Research interests: social interactions, word-of-mouth, pricing
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  • Xiang Wang
    Xiang Wang

    2nd year
    Research interests: judgment and decision making, time and money perception, consumer experiences
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  • Minzhe Xu
    Minzhe Xu

    2nd year
    Research interests: happiness, goals and motivation, judgment and decision making
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  • Xi Zhang
    Xi Zhang

    2nd year
    Research interests: Aspect of two-sided marketing, platform competition, information asymmetry, content marketing
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  • Felipe Marinelli Affonso
    Felipe Marinelli Affonso

    1st year
    Research interests: consumer goal pursuit, motivation and self-regulation, behavioral decision theory
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  • Tek (Taikgun) Song
    Tek (Taikgun) Song

    1st year
    Research interests: word-of-mouth, text analytics, natural language processing
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