Financial Information

Students in our Ph.D. program routinely receive five years of financial assistance in the form of a graduate assistantship, if they qualify and conditional on maintaining a good standing in the program.

Graduate Assistantships provide financial support while students work on a part-time basis under the supervision of one or more faculty members in duties related to instruction, research, or professional service. Our Ph.D. support budgets are generous ($43,000 in 2018) and competitive with those of the other top doctoral programs in marketing. Students also receive a tuition waiver and a research support budget.

The retention of assistantships, research support, and other forms of financial support is contingent on satisfactory academic progress as well as satisfactory performance of assigned tasks. The Department does not guarantee continuous funding for graduate students, nor any minimum number of semesters of aid. Historically, however, most assistantships and fellowships are extended for a duration of five years. Students holding at least quarter-time graduate assistantships or fellowships paying at least $3,150 per semester are eligible for in-state or out-of-state tuition waivers up to the minimum credits required for full-time enrollment. Tuition waivers for each semester will be granted to qualifying assistants and fellows, provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA and are employed on or before the first day of classes through the end of final exams. Tuition waivers do not cover fees associated with registration (approximately $500 per semester).

Students are automatically considered for financial support as a part of their application to the PhD program. There is no need to submit a separate application for graduate assistantship. Students may, at their discretion, apply for other fellowships, grants, loans, or any other form of financial support for which they are eligible.
International students must have a F1 or J1 visa to receive an assistantship.

Tuition and Expenses

Visit the Graduate Catalog financial information page.

Financial Aid Applications

Visit the Student Financial Affairs website for applications and information concerning educational loans.

Health Insurance

Ph.D. students may enroll in GatorGradCare health insurance.