Weekend Professional MBA: Two-Year The Student Experience

This 27-month format is open to any undergraduate degree major. We also recommend this program for business undergraduate majors who have been in the workforce for more than seven years.

Students build a strong foundation in core business areas such as finance, marketing, management, operations and economics. After this foundation is built, students can then focus their studies in a particular area of interest.

The format operates on a lock-step, cohort based system. You start with a group of classmates and go through terms one through six with this same group of classmates, allowing you to build strong relationships and a powerful network that will last far beyond graduation. To facilitate your relationship and network building opportunities, we regularly host local social events allowing you to interact with other MBA cohorts.


  • 27 months
  • 48 credits
  • On-Campus Visits:
    • Orientation
    • One weekend a month (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Electives: one week in fall or spring, on-campus or international
  • Begins: spring


Students enrolled in a Weekend Professional are advised to dedicate 15-20 hours per week towards their MBA studies. This range may vary depending upon specific courses and a student’s strengths and experiences.

Class weekends allow you to get all of your lectures live from your professors. Once every four months you will begin a new term. During your Saturday and Sunday you can expect a variety of activities. From regular lectures, to small group activities, presentations, demonstrations, case studies, tests, quizzes and finals. You can also expect social activities and study groups after classes.

This one weekend a month format offers you the best of both worlds – the ability to maintain your job and also the experience of campus life and camaraderie.


When students begin the program they have the opportunity to choose when they take their first elective. The first elective is completed in a one-week format either on campus or an international location. These electives are offered twice a year during fall break (a week in October) and spring break (a week in April).

  • On Campus: These elective classes allow students to immerse themselves on campus in Gainesville for one week to complete a course. Visit the On Campus Electives page for more details.
  • Global Immersion Experience (GIE): Students can also participate in a one week international study trip as part of their MBA experience. Students that choose the international focus are required to take a GIE trip. Visit the GIE page for more details.

The next set of elective classes are taken in Term 7. These courses are offered in the one weekend a month format, the same as previous classes.


Orientation is mandatory, so please review class dates for the orientation schedule. The planned activities for orientation weekend include a welcoming from staff and faculty, reception, program details, Ropes and Challenge course, and Team Development.