Spring Start Course Schedule

Working Professional Two-Year


Begins: January 13, 2023

Term 1: Spring

ECP 5705 Economics of Business DecisionsKnight3
ACG 5065 Financial & Managerial AccountingAsare3
GEB 5212 Professional WritingTBD1

Term 2: Summer

QMB 5303 Introduction to Managerial StatisticsQiu3
MAR 5805 Problems & Methods in Marketing ManagementAlba3
GEB 5215 Professional CommunicationTBD0

Term 3: Fall A

FIN 5405 Financial ManagementBanko3
MAN 5245 Organizational BehaviorLanaj3
GEB 5215 Professional CommunicationTBD2

Term 4: Fall B

MAN 5501 Operations ManagementCarrillo, M.3
GEB 5114 Entrepreneurship & Venture FinancePryor3

Term 5: Spring

MAR 6930 AI and Machine Learning with Marketing ApplicationsHoover3
MAR 6158 International MarketingMahajan3

Term 6: Summer

QMB 6930 Quantitative AnalysisMunson3
FIN 6425 Corporate FinanceAitsahlia3

Term 7: Fall

MAN 6637 Global Strategic ManagementRoss3
MAR 6590 Managerial and Consumer Decision MakingBrenner3

Experiential Learning

Required (choose one): Offerings vary, examples include a week-long on-campus elective, the Washington Campus, or a Global Immersion Experience (GIE). Offerings vary by term and are subject to change. Students are responsible for all travel-related expenses including airfare and/or program fees for Washington Campus and Global Immersion Experiences. 3 credits.

Total Credits: 48