Courses and Curriculum

Weekend Professional: One-Year

August 2021 Cohort

Begins: August 2021

MBA Candidates pursuing our one year accelerated degree formats must successfully complete the MBA Foundations Review course prior to enrollment. Developed and administered by faculty, the Foundations Review course is designed to reacquaint you with core business concepts, get you thinking about them in an academic setting again, and re-acclimate you to what it’s like to be back in school before we set you off on your MBA journey.

Comprised of five modules, the course will provide students with videos and content related to the core disciplines as well as series of quizzes to assess comprehension. At the conclusion of the videos and content, students will be required to complete a Readiness Assessment Exam, whereby performance will be graded to permit continued pursuit of an accelerated MBA degree.

The Foundations Review course site will open approximately six weeks before Orientation and classes begin, providing students with ample time to navigate these modules and devote concentrated efforts to their academic performance. Our data tells us that on average students can spend upwards of 20+ hours in the course site and another two hours to complete the Readiness Exam. It is imperative to devote the time required to the site and course to be successful.

Students who are unable to achieve satisfactory marks in the Foundations Review course will not be permitted to continue within a one year accelerated format. Please be advised, that once students begin the Foundations Review course and retrieve the course videos and materials, you are responsible for tuition and fees associated with the course.

Before Program StartGEB 5929 Foundations ReviewMultiple2
Term 1
Fall A 2021
GEB 5215 Professional CommunicationSlivon3
Term 2
Fall B 2021
MAN 5501 Operations ManagementCarrillo, M.3
GEB 5114 Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance*Pryor3
Term 3
Spring 2022
MAR 6930 AI & Machine Learning with Marketing ApplicationsHoover3
MAR 6158 International MarketingMahajan3
Term 4
Summer 2022
QMB 6930 Quantitative AnalysisMunson3
FIN 6425 Corporate Finance*Aitsahlia3
Term 5
Fall 2022
MAN 6637 Global Strategic ManagementHill3
MAR 6507 Customer Insights and AnalysisTu3
Required: Experiential Learning (choose one)Offerings vary by term and are subject to change. Examples include an on-campus elective, the Washington Campus, or a Global Immersion Experience (GIE) + Global Business Concepts (online module). Students are responsible for all travel-related expenses including airfare and/or program fees for Washington Campus and Global Immersion Experiences.3
Total Credits32

*Course can be substituted for an additional experiential learning opportunity or on-campus elective. This would be in addition to the REQUIRED experiential learning component as outlined above. NOTE: Only one GIE and one Washington Campus course can be applied towards degree completion. Program fees apply.