Online MBA: One-Year The Student Experience

The 16-month option is an accelerated program for those who have an undergraduate degree in business and graduated within the last seven years.

While the majority of your coursework is completed online, we do host a mandatory on-campus orientation for all students on our Gainesville campus. Online lectures are asynchronous, allowing you to view them at your own convenience and schedule.

Program Timeline

  • 16 months
  • 32 credits
  • On-Campus Visits:
    • Mandatory in-person orientation
  • Required Experiential Learning Course: Online, On Campus or International
  • Begins: January, April and September

Program Format

The program operates on a lock-step, cohort based system. You start with a group of classmates and go through terms one through five with this same group of classmates, allowing you to build strong relationships and a powerful network that will last far beyond graduation. To facilitate your relationship and network building opportunities, we regularly host local social events allowing you to interact with other MBA cohorts.


Orientation is mandatory. Please review class dates for the orientation schedule. Additionally, for our one-year program formats, a one-week, online Foundations Review course must be taken prior to orientation. Foundations Review is a mandatory review of core business concepts and is a requirement prior to beginning the 32-credit accelerated program. Please note that Foundations Review is not required for concurrent OEM/MBA students.