Full-Time MBA Career

The Business Career Services Differentiator: Our Personal and Individualized Approach

In addition to generating opportunities with the dozens of companies who specifically come to Gainesville to recruit UF MBAs, the Business Career Services team has recently partnered with UF MBA to launch an initiative that enabled students to directly engage recruiters from more than 200 national and global companies at one of the largest MBA career fairs in the world. Through partnerships with the career fair host organization and our contacts in the airline and hospitality industries, we were able to fly more than 80 students to the career fair. Our team is committed to finding and securing the best opportunities for our MBAs whether that means bringing the opportunities to students or bringing the students to the opportunities.

Employment Report

Learn more about the Full-Time class of 2021 including salary information, placement locations, industries, and employers in our Employment Report.

Corporate Exposure

An important part of your overall Business Career Services experience will be interacting with corporate executives such as hiring managers or corporate recruiters of major companies. Whether they are UF MBA alumni or Business Career Services contacts, the information you will acquire from these professionals will assist you in your overall professional development and career success. There are many ways in which our team provides the opportunity to network with corporate executives. Here is just a sample of how we facilitate these opportunities for you:

  • Business Career Services Professional Development Day:
    A day-long event with experts in topics such as personal branding and social media utilization as well as job function breakout sessions and lots of networking.
  • Corporate Information Sessions:
    Hear firsthand from executives what type of talent their company is seeking, what it is like to work for that company and how you can expect to advance through their organization.
  • On-Campus Career Fairs & Interviews:
    There are numerous on-campus opportunities to take part in. Career fairs and interview opportunities take place throughout the year providing a great way to secure your internship or full-time job.
  • National MBA Career Fairs:
    Business Career Services provides information and resources for several national MBA career fairs which you can choose to attend.
  • Business Career Services Career Development Seminar Series:
    A series of professional development workshops presented primarily by corporate executives on such topics as Nailing the Interview, How to Establish a Professional Network, Social Media as a Career Resource and Building Your Professional Brand Image.
  • UF MBA Advisory Board Meetings:
    Network with members of our UF MBA Advisory Board. These senior executives take a personal interest in the development of our students and UF MBA. Members of our Board represent global companies such as Deloitte Consulting, KPMG, Walt Disney, Oracle, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Raymond James Financial and Wells Fargo to name a few.

Full-Time MBA Intake Process

  • Step 1: Pre-Orientation Career Work
  • Step 2: MBA Orientation Week
  • Step 3: Individual Strategy Meeting
  • Step 4: Career assessment and the development of a job/internship search marketing plan
  • Step 5: Résumé Construction
  • Step 6: Initial Mock Interview – Measurement of interview skills
  • Step 7: Career Fair Simulation & Preparation
  • Step 8: Attendance at Business Career Services Professional Development Day
  • Step 9: Alumni Networking and “Informational Interview” Activity
    • II. First-round interviews
    • III. Final-round interviews
      • Business Career Services Team Mock Interview Simulation
      • Final Preparation Strategy Discussion
    • IV. Job & Internship Offers
      • Offer selection strategy discussion
      • Negotiation strategy discussion
    • V. Offer Acceptance
    • VI. Job/Internship Professional Development Preparation
      • Business Career Services Career Development Seminar Series: “You got the job….Now What?”; “The Importance of Your First 30, 60, 90 Days.”