Executive MBA Fall Start Course Schedule

Orientation and Team Formation

Begins on August 9, 2024.

Term 1: Fall A

ECP 5705 Economics of Business DecisionsPhalin3
ACG 5025 Financial AccountingKirk3
GEB 5212 Professional Writing (online)Trainor3

Term 2: Fall B

QMB 5303 Introduction to Managerial StatisticsBandyopadhyay3
MAR 5805 Problems & Methods in Marketing ManagementAlba3

Term 3: Spring

MAN 5245 Organizational BehaviorBamberger3
FIN 5405 Financial ManagementHouston3

Term 4: Summer

MAR 6838 Brand ManagementSela3
FIN 6425 Corporate FinanceSanchez3
GEB 6930 Global Immersion Experience*Erenguc3

Term 5: Fall A

MAR 6256 Strategy and Tactics of PricingShin3
ACG 5076 Managerial AccountingImpink3

Term 6: Fall B

MAN 5501 Operations ManagementErenguc3
MAN 6930 Organizational StaffingSwider3

Term 7: Spring

FIN 6930 Emerging Markets FinanceGendreau3
MAN 6637 Global Strategic ManagementRoss3
Total Credits: 48

*Students are responsible for travel-related expenses including airfare, program fees, etc. along with standard tuition and fees.