Program Options

Online Master’s

The Online Master of Science in Entrepreneurship offers the same degrees (Traditional, Combined) as the On Campus options – fully online. While the program was designed to be completed within one year, some of our working professional students choose to extend their experience an additional year in order to accommodate their busy lives.

Traditional Master’s


The traditional Master of Science in Entrepreneurship option provides students with an immersive entrepreneurial experience. It’s a one-year program that provides graduates with the tools needed to turn their business idea into a reality.

Students gain expertise to launch their own business and receive valuable insight from season and successful entrepreneurs. Whether coming to the program with a business idea already in mind or wanting to learn more about being an entrepreneur, the traditional Master of Science in Entrepreneurship option ensures that students are constantly in an entrepreneurial environment.

Combination Degree

Open only to current UF students, the combination Master of Science in Entrepreneurship option allows students to begin graduate coursework while still an undergraduate with the approval of their undergraduate department. Students can apply 12 credits of graduate coursework to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, saving time and tuition money.

Students may take an additional three credit hours to count only to their master’s while still an undergraduate, leaving only 17 additional credits to earn the degree.

Cost Benefits

Most undergraduate scholarships will cover a portion of your graduate tuition while you are still an undergraduate. Students must compensate for the difference between the undergraduate and graduate rates. Example of savings:

  • $2553 savings for 12 undergraduate credits (based on Fall 2016 tuition) not taken because they were substituted with grad business courses
  • $1545 savings by applying FL Bright Futures to 15 graduate business credits ($103 X 15).

Time Benefits

As a combination student, you could potentially earn your Master’s degree in 1-2 semesters after earning your Bachelor’s. If students complete the maximum of 15 credits while they are undergraduate students, they would only need to complete 17 additional credits to earn their M.S. degree!

Additional Benefits

Choose Your Path: Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or becoming a social entrepreneur, the MSE Program provides you with the specific skills you need for the career you want.

  • Venture Creation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital
  • Consulting

Gain a Global Perspective: Explore the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley or empower local entrepreneurs in South Africa. The MSE’s domestic and international experiences will forever shape you as an entrepreneur.

Hands-on Experience: In the MSE Program, real learning takes place outside of the classroom. You won’t simply act as an entrepreneur launching a business, you will be one. And you’ll have an incredible support system to lean on through this exciting process.