Courses and Curriculum

Learn by Doing

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship is a powerful experience that forever shapes your business perspective. This internationally-recognized, one-year resident graduate program empowers students to maximize opportunities and transforms them into business visionaries.

Core Courses

Establish the foundation of your MSE experience.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity in Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing I
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing II
  • Venture Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Writing
  • Entrepreneurial Communication
  • GatorNest Consulting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Law for Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial Profitability Metrics
  • The First 100 Days


Tailor your MSE experience to your strengths and interests.

  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Small & Family Business
  • Business Plan Lab
  • …and more

Entrepreneurship Study Immersion Programs

As part of the MSE program, students can choose from one of two immersion programs.

Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley program takes place over Spring Break and immerses students in the culture of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial region. Students will meet with entrepreneurs and complete team projects as part of their experience.

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in South Africa (EESA)

EESA is a six-week summer program in Cape Town, South Africa. Students take classes at the University of the Western Cape and team up with South African students to make a real difference consulting for emerging entrepreneurs. The ventures are in a variety of industries including catering, arts and crafts, small constructions, community newspapers, and more. Students must be driven and passionate about being agents of change. Students can also get involved in some fun activities such as diving with sharks, hiking Table Mountain, and visiting a penguin beach.

MSE Practicum / Internship

The focus of this course is experiential learning, and it serves as a platform to build a new venture. Students take the course over the summer and have the choice of creating a new venture or participating in an entrepreneurial internship.