Our Signature Events

Warrington Career Week (WCW) is a semi-annual career fair for business students at the University of Florida. WCW is a unique opportunity where students can explore career paths and connect with industry professionals and recruiters. Events include networking sessions and company-led workshops. Visit Business Career Services events for more information.

R U Engaged? is the official Warrington Diplomats booth that connects business gators with the different resources in Warrington. At our booth, students are able to learn directly about what the college provides by directly engaging with student ambassadors. Past R U Engaged? resources discussed at our booth included HireWarrington, Study Abroad with the IPSAs, Warrington Career Week Prep, Business Career Services, and Academic Success in partnership with Study Edge.

Taking place during the Fall (Dine with the Dips) and Spring (Dessert with the Dips), these two recruitment events are intended to give applicants a chance to meet the Diplomats and ask questions about our organization. Attendance is open to all business students and registration on HireWarrington is highly recommended.

Monthly outreach events are a differentiated way to help connect business students to the college by collaborating with numerous business organizations. These events allow students to learn about involvement opportunities in Warrington and the resources they provide for young professionals across different interests. New monthly outreach events are introduced each month, while some past monthly outreach events included Pick a Pot with Warrington Goes Green, Tips with the Dips for the upcoming career week, and Starting the Semester Strong.

Spring 2024 Events

1/17Start the Semester StrongMachen Lobby11am - 1pm
1/22Business BashReitz Union5pm - 7pm
1/23Ace the ShowcaseCAP Office11am - 2pm
1/29WCW HeadshotsGlobal Gator Statue2pm - 4pm
1/31WCW HeadshotsGlobal Gator Statue2pm - 4pm
2/1WCW HeadshotsGlobal Gator Statue2pm - 4pm
2/7HIREWarrington BCS BoothMachen Lobby12pm - 2pm
2/20Dessert With the DipsHeavener 1605pm - 7pm
2/21Ask a Dip: Dips Recruitment/Apps BoothMachen Lobby12pm - 2pm
2/27February EventMachen Lobby11pm - 1pm
2/27Coffee ChatsHeavener 12310am - 12pm
2/28Coffee ChatsHeavener 12312pm - 2pm
2/29Coffee ChatsHeavener 12312pm - 2pm
3/19Study Abroad BoothMachen Lobby12pm - 2pm
3/21March EventMachen Lobby11pm - 1pm
3/27Suitable Gator Ready BoothMachen Lobby12pm - 2pm
4/4Reflect on the SemesterMachen Lobby11am - 1pm
4/10How to prepare for Summer InternshipMachen Lobby12pm - 2pm