The Warrington Diplomats committees strive to make meaningful, and tangible programming for the organization and for the Warrington College of Business. It is a requirement to serve on a committee as a Warrington Diplomat. Below you will find more information about each of our committees, their key events, and their responsibilities.

Data Committee

Project Manager - Zach Doyle

The Warrington Diplomats Data Committee runs the internal “Diplomats Dashboard” on Microsoft Teams, maintains the official Warrington Diplomats website, and coordinates all data collection and analysis efforts for the organization and Warrington Career Week.

Engagement Committee

Project Manager - Kate Gaucher

The Warrington Diplomats Engagement Committee organizes our recruitment efforts and plans all our internal (Diplomat-only) events throughout the year. They are the face of the Warrington Diplomats when it comes to planning, organizing, and executing recruitment events, tabling efforts, and campus outreach. Through the execution of internal events, they promote active involvement and meaningful interactions within the business school community.

Key Events

  • Dine with the Diplomats (Fall)
  • Dessert with Diplomats (Spring)
  • Diplomats tabling
  • Socials

Events Committee

Project Manager - Mia Apel

The Warrington Diplomats Events Committee Develops programming and events to engage the Warrington community by helping students connect with resources, learn about involvement opportunities, and reflect on their experience in the College of Business.

Key Events

  • Service Events
  • R U Engaged booth
  • Alumni Cafés
  • Monthly Outreach Events

Tours Committee

Project Manager - Annabelle Wiechens

The Warrington Diplomats Tours Committee is responsible for organizing all Diplomat-run tours. This includes building our schedule of campus tours, developing our internal “Tours Training Packet,” and administrating a “tours test” to all Diplomats to ensure high quality tour experiences. The tours committee is the only committee you have to formally be asked to join.

Marketing Committee

Project Manager - Taylor Anderson

The Warrington Diplomats Marketing Committee strategically employs the organization’s social media presence, branding, events, merchandising, photography, and videography initiatives to effectively promote a positive image of the organization and leave an intentional impact on prospective students, current students, and alumni of the University of Florida Warrington College of Business.