Current Members

Journal Entries

After you meet with your mentee, please use the link below to fill our the journaling form! These will be used to help the BUMP Advisory Board know how many times pairs are meeting and how the relationship is going. You can write 1-3 sentences for each question. Please be thoughtful and honest in your answers! Email pictures to BUMP.

Second journal checkpoint due October 25th.

Fall 2019 Calendar

  • August 22nd: Mentor Orientation
  • September 12th: Mentee Orientation
  • September 15th: Retreat
  • September 19th: Mentee Meeting #1
  • Tuesday, October 1st: AlumNight #1
  • October 10th: Mentor Mid-Semester Meet Up/Social #1
  • October 15th: Family Social Day
  • October 17th: Mentee Meeting #2
  • October 24th Social #2
  • Tuesday, November 5th: AlumNight #2
  • November 7th: Mentee Meeting #3
  • November 14th: Social #3
  • November 21st: Mentor Think Tank/Awards and Wrap-Up