Advisory Board Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2022-2023 BUMP Advisory Board. Applications open Monday, February 28th at 9 am and close on Friday, March 18th at Noon. Please make sure to read through the entire application as some of the advisory board positions might have changed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the BUMP Program Advisor. We look forward to reading your application.

Recruitment Timeline

  • Friday, March 18th at Noon – Application Closes
  • Saturday, March 19th – Interview time notifications
  • March 21st–23rd – Interviews

Position Descriptions

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for supporting and developing the members of the Advisory Board, the strategic vision and goals of the program, and serves as the main representative and advocate for BUMP. They also act as the liaison between the Program Advisor and Advisory Board as well as between BUMP and the Warrington community.

Director of Mentor Development

The Director of Mentor Development oversees a group of mentors each year. The Director of Mentor Development is responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating mentor meetings. The Director of Mentor Development’s purpose is to serve as direct point of contact for mentors to discuss their experience in the program and encourage the development of mentorship skills.

Director of Mentee Development

The Director of Mentee Development has the privilege of overseeing a new class of mentees each semester. The Director of Mentee Development is responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating biweekly mentee meetings. The Director of Mentee Development’s purpose is to serve as direct point of contact for mentees to discuss their experience in the program.

Director of Internal Communications

The Director of Internal Communications effectively serves as the liaison between the Advisory Board, the mentees, and the mentors of the program. They are responsible for monitoring all avenues of communication and ensuring all members are informed of program requirements and events.

Director of Member Engagement

The Director of Member Engagement is responsible for creating a community within BUMP and working to create a meaningful mentorship experience for both mentees and mentors. Through the planning and organizing of socials, retreats and icebreakers, the Director of Membership Engagement is responsible for creating a BUMP network that aims to connect business students from diverse backgrounds.

Director of Recruitment

The Director of Recruitment’s primary role is to ensure the program receives high quality applicants through designing a recruitment plan which includes plans for marketing the program to prospective mentees and mentors. After the application process comes to a close, the Director of Recruitment is responsible for selecting the most qualified applicants followed by pairing the mentors and mentees.

Director of Marketing & Technology

The purpose of the Director of Marketing and Technology is to help build BUMP’s presence in the business school and establish continuous growth for the program. Marketing serves as an important piece for the program because it promotes the organization, establishes a brand, allows members to connect with the organization, and enables future growth.

Director of Alumni Relations

The Director of Alumni Relations serves on the BUMP advisory board to bridge the gap between alumni and current members. This bridge occurs between alumni that have graduated the program and are still students, as well as alumni that have graduated from the university. This position serves to provide resources for members of the program that better deliver a professional and personal growth journey.

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) seeks to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment within the program and among its Mentees and Mentors through recruitment, representation, professional development, and the overall growth of every member. The Director of DEI collaborates with the Business College Council to work on DEI initiatives; offers resources and DEI involvement opportunities to its members; and meets regularly with the Program Advisor and other Directors of the Advisory Board to share ideas and implement DEI in all facets of BUMP’s curriculum. The Director also builds upon BUMP’s pillar of Cultural Awareness and Diversity and develops strategies for recruiting and maintaining a diverse group of members.