A minor is an officially recognized secondary concentration of study in an approved subject area outside of the major. For undergraduates, a minor consists of at least 15 credits of appropriate course work. For graduate students, a minor requires a minimum of 9 credits of appropriate coursework. Minors are appended to the student’s official transcript. Minors do not appear on diplomas.

Minors Available to Accounting Students

Graduate Minors for Accounting Students

The ISOM minor focuses on developing a technological understanding of the current issues as they relate to information systems/information technology. Students who earn the ISOM minor will be recognized as having a basic background in information systems.

Undergraduate Minors for Accounting Students

Because of the large number of courses required in the major, accounting students may obtain no more than one minor. For more information, including how to apply or cancel a minor visit:

FSOA Sponsored Minors Available to Non-Accounting Students

Graduate Auditing Minor for MS-ISOM Students

Companies are increasing the quality and efficiency of their audits and consulting engagements by employing technology. This has led to an increased need for a combination of auditing and technology skills for students interested in employment opportunities with corporations and consulting firms. This minor is limited to students currently enrolled in the graduate ISOM program.

Undergraduate Accounting Minor for Non-Accounting Students

The minor in accounting is open to all non-accounting students. It offers students a strong foundation in financial and managerial accounting beyond the introductory level. With the increasingly interdisciplinary model used by businesses, completion of the minor broadens career opportunities and increases the student’s marketability. With careful course selection, completion of the minor will accrue enough accounting credits for students from any major to apply for direct admission to the Master of Accounting program upon completion of the undergraduate degree.