Master of Accounting

Please note that the MAcc program is not offered in an online or distant format. All classes are offered face-to-face in Gainesville. Students typically attend class 4 days per week.

Important note about the GMAT: Beginning with the Spring 2024 semester, the GMAT exam will no longer be required for application to the Master of Accounting program. All applicants for semesters prior to Spring 2024 must submit an acceptable GMAT score. This change only applies to the Master of Accounting program. Other graduate programs at UF may continue to require the GMAT, GRE, or other standardized tests.

The MAcc program (after completion of the BSAc) is designed primarily for students who have completed their undergraduate work at another institution and now want to attend the Fisher School of Accounting for their graduate work. The program offers three options: concentration in auditing, concentration in taxation, and no concentration. With few exceptions, University of Florida students who want to earn their MAcc degree should plan on entering the 3/2 program. Currently enrolled accounting students should use the MAcc Student Resources to develop a plan of study.

Preparatory Coursework

The MAcc program assumes applicants have a strong foundation in accounting consistent with the knowledge acquired from an undergraduate accounting degree. These “preparatory courses” are typically completed prior to admission.

The following preparatory courses must be completed before an applicant can be considered for admission to the MAcc program:

ACG 3101 Financial Accounting and Reporting 1
ACG 3401 Business Processes & Accounting Information Systems
ACG 4111 Financial Accounting and Reporting 2
ACG 4341 Cost and Managerial Accounting

The following preparatory courses, if not completed prior to enrolling in the MAcc program, must be completed prior to earning the MAcc, and are prerequisites to other MAcc accounting courses. This will increase the program length by at least one semester, but potentially up to a year, depending on the enrollment term.

ACG 5637 Auditing 1
ACG 5647 Auditing 2
TAX 5025 Federal Income Tax 1
TAX 5027 Federal Income Tax 2

It is strongly recommended that upper-division accounting preparatory courses be taken at a business school accredited by the AACSB.

Each institution has its own undergraduate degree requirements. In addition, courses with similar titles may cover different topics. The Fisher School will determine whether courses taken at another school cover sufficient material to substitute for the courses above. When reviewing the transcripts of an applicant or admitted student, we may require the student to submit syllabi and course substitution forms for the courses in question. This is often the case for the tax and audit courses. Note that the need to complete the tax and audit courses will lengthen the time to graduation.


Tuition and fees are charged by the credit hour and are set by the University. The amount per credit depends on whether a student is classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. Current tuition and fees can be found on the Bursar’s website. The MAcc program consists of 34 credits of graduate courses. Based on 2023-24 tuition and fees, that amounts to $18,043.46 for Florida residents, and $42,683.94 for non-Florida residents. However, individual students will pay more if they need to complete the preparatory courses listed above.

How to Apply for Admission

Florida CPA Information

The MAcc program is designed for students who desire a professional accounting career. Completion of this program, when combined with the UF Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSAc), will fulfill the State of Florida’s educational requirements to take the Certified Public Accountant Examination in Florida and to obtain licensure as a CPA in Florida. CPA licensure includes other, non-educational requirements. Please note that requirements can change, and may not immediately be reflected here or in the programs. Contact the Florida Board of Accountancy or visit their web site if you have any questions regarding your eligibility to take the CPA Exam or be licensed as a CPA in Florida. We have not made a determination as to whether the MAcc program combined with any other undergraduate program meets CPA educational requirements in Florida. We have not made a determination whether the MAcc program, with or without the UF BSAc, meets educational requirements in any other state or jurisdiction. Consult the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website for information regarding CPA exam and licensure eligibility for all states and jurisdictions.