Life Sciences Logistics: What’s Driving the Deals?

The healthcare logistics market is booming. On July 15, healthcare logistics powerhouse Marken announced three acquisitions. Austria-based HETO, Hungary-based Der Kurier, and Italy-based HRTL all agreed to sell. Marken, in turn, was previously acquired by UPS, in an effort to create a life sciences supply chain leader. The resulting company will cover 51 locations, 10 […]

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Operations/Supply Chain Management: Past, Present and the Future

The term Internet-of-Things (IoT), coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999, highlighted the linkage between RFID tags and a central information repository using the internet. The key idea was that using such machine-to-machine connectivity (M2M), locational data access would optimize supply chain operations. Although the evolution of IoT is rooted in M2M connectivity (i.e., connecting a [...]