Connection Opportunities

Student Connections

Through the HRRC, you will have the opportunity to connect with a talented and motivated student body of approximately 500 undergraduate management majors, along with MBA, MSM (Master of Science in Management), and MIB (Master of International Business) students. Connections will be made through such means as guest lecturing and round table discussions.

Faculty Connections

Through the HRRC, you will be exposed to the cutting edge research of a world class management department. From 2003-2006, research productivity of the management group, ranked 1st nationally in top tier research publications.


Through the HRRC Newsletter, you will have access to the management group’s cutting edge research and participants’ best HR practices. The HRRC newsletter, to be published once a year, will provide summaries of the results of the research conducted by the management group and highlight best practices and noteworthy activities of the HRRC participants.

Additional Connections

Through the HRRC, you will have opportunities to connect with existing research programs, including Darden Restaurants Diversity Management Speaker Series, Elizabeth B. & William F. Poe, Sr. Business Ethics Center, and the Huber Hurst Research Seminar.